I apologize for yelling last night, and it upset me so much I took the time to figure out what made me so angry—so I should be able to control or avoid it in the future.  It is our fault, but it only takes one of us (me) to prevent it.  The fact that we cannot talk anything we disagree on is a key reason I decided to not come with G in July since Lee was going to be absent most of the time.  I do not want to sit around not being able to discuss anything to keep the peace, or unable to talk without someone constantly interrupting, challenging and putting down whatever I say so no one else in the group might end up agreeing with me instead of you—even if I preface with “this is my opinion” like I did at the end last night to try to make my point without you interrupting it demanding proof of my facts before it was a complete thought for others to consider.

I want you to know why I am so angry, and it is not at you personally.  I am very concerned about the almost immediate pending destruction of my country by politicians and useful idiots.  All my facts may not be “perfect”, but the basic premise of most of my issues are absolutely the real world.  I have seen how America and most of the world used to be firsthand, and no media, professor, politician or anyone else can lie or mislead me out of what I know, or the facts my parents shared with me about what they lived—before the history books and “common knowledge” was rewritten over the last 100 years we lived.    This is why so many people around my age (50+ and Tea Party patriots) are so angry with Congress and at voters with their heads buried in the sand.  However, unlike much of the Left, we obey the law and do not damage property to be “heard”, or because we are mad or feel like it.  And we want our country back, not a handout to buy our vote or a fear tactic or personal attack to shut us up.

I am upset at Muslims that do not publicly put down their 10% radical element which results in 100 million of them worldwide—very dangerous and the equivalent of every third person in the US population wanting to literally destroy us.  If the 90% “good” Muslims will not speak out, then they either are lying and believe the evil in their Koran, or are largely responsible for not stopping their religion’s violence on us.  It is sickening we allow our current government to essentially sell that terrorism is dead, no threat, and we cannot denounce their violence and group—or  we are the cause of their violence.  If American Christians killed people for bad mouthing Christ, we would be in jail.  The double standard either has a political agenda or is just evil and sickening the Left/Right should refuse to put up with. Same principle applies  for our politicians’ antics and law breaking—our silence is condoning them, or at a minimum, their protection from trial.

I am upset at so many Blacks that lie to cover up fellow blacks who killed other blacks, deal drugs, etc. like happened in Milwaukee with the woman who lied and said the black cop shot the black criminal for no reason.  He got suspended and faced criminal charges until other blacks finally came forward, said she lied, and she had to face jail for this “blacks against the law if a black man is involved” culture.  Locally, a 16 and 24 year old black man recently threatened and then shot/killed a baby in a stroller because the white mother refused to give them money and simply could not believe their threat that a human could do that to her baby.  They also shot her in the leg.  Their mother threw the gun in the lake and provided an alibi for her sons until the local  newspaper story of the incident engaged everyone—including blacks who then turned her in.  She recanted her lies to the police in order to stay out of jail (for immunity), led them to the gun, etc., which then proved to be the same one used in a store robbery shooting a week earlier.  Forty years ago or so, the mother would have turned in her son, but culture reprogramming against the perceived rich, white, etc., has given too many of them self-excuse to even murder babies if they want something.  Who can continue to condone or ignore this factual problem?  It is time to reconsider that 70% of all youth in YDC and prison come from fatherless families, remain in poverty, and the destruction of the family unit is on purpose and destroying our country.  It is time to convict and kill the murderers so our society gets back to being afraid to commit murder. And it is time to stop “rewarding” women for being single moms, and to stop selling that most men are useless, dumb, jerks, and reverse the laws that primarily only punish men for divorce.  Marriage cannot survive with only one sex having the power.   It was wrong when men had this power until the 1920’s and it is wrong for women to have it now.

You know I believe in a woman’s right up to a point to have an abortion.  I am upset at killing live babies after their head or whole self emerges the womb because the mother wanted an abortion.  This is murder and it is a huge sign of our corrupt culture that the mainstream media all but buried the recent story of the PA doctor who had killed hundreds this way, and only got tried because he also killed a mother, and his nurses where disgusted with three infanticide killings of healthy aborted babies in particular.  The Left, including Obama,  justifies this under the ruse of “woman’s rights” as if the live baby has no rights.  However, we jail people for infanticide of babies in the womb in car accidents.  The difference is the Left justifies Row vs Wade at all costs and goes la la la la to not hear or see anything that might challenge some of it.  Ridiculous since 26 or so states already have laws against abortions after 6 months except to protect the mother—and require her to make up her mind if she wants an abortion before then for any other reason.  Yes, the   far   right are idiots too, but two wrongs do not make a right or excuse anyone from not condemning partial birth abortions because they are supporting “their side” or the other side is not 100% right.

I am upset that, generally, if it gets known a Conservative makes a mistake or breaks the law, their fellow politicians and voters speak up and throw them out of office or running for re-election (some, like several in the Nixon administration and Scooter Libby, they even threw in jail for lying under oath and breaking the law)—but the Left generally protects whatever their person did no matter how blatant the lie, law breaking, etc.   Their media and White House spokesperson spins the truth 20 different ways to see what they can get enough people and useful idiots to  cast doubt on with potential scenarios to bury the issue—Ignoring and breaking our immigration laws and attacking states trying to enforce them, Fast and Furious, Benghazi cover-ups, AP wiretapping, illegal IRS harassment of Christians, conservatives, Constitutionalists, and Tea Party that disagree with Obama, vote fixing, and more to be exposed.  People belong in jail for each of these violations of our laws and to be shown they will take the rap if they do not honestly testify who above them ordered them to break the law—simple as that.  Past Republicans doing it too is a rotten excuse to let people get by with doing it now.  Allowing them to protect each other and misconstruing the law to not put them on trial has to stop.  No more backdoor deals of “you protect me and I will cover for you too when need be” by either Party should be tolerated by the public.  And don’t repeat the claim that this is about putting down a black President instead of about no one being above the law—especially our so called public servants flagrant law breaking.  Try reading this http://dcclothesline.com/2013/05/23/whistleblowers-reveal-stevens-was-in-libya-to-buy-back-missiles-from-al-qaeda/ .  Or read this blatant disregard for the American public http://www.judicialwatch.org/press-room/weekly-updates/gun-control-fast-and-furious-cover-up/ .  Perhaps not every story is true, but even one is too many to ignore and let slide.  Our elected politicians are supposed to represent us—not control us.

I am upset that most Tea Party patriots want the constitution and our laws enforced or changed through the proper means in Congress, but the Left has become so arrogant they openly defy the Constitution, the American people, their oath, and their own Senate rules to do whatever they choose and will continue until We the People rise up and stop it.  FACT—watch this video of the disgusting violations in our Democrat controlled Senate http://www.youtube.com/embed/svGDZOW-brA?rel=0 .  How can you condone this by remaining silent, much less defend them or vote them back in office?  Where are the Democrats with the same complaint against this outrage? Are both parties’ rank and file now so afraid of their leaders?  Are you ready with several things the Republicans do too so that you stop the conversation about what our Senate is doing NOW?

Conservatives are far from perfect, but I am upset that so many educated or intelligent die-hard Democrats, old school union supporters, and Liberals absorb whatever story  “their side” is selling without even thinking much with common sense, much less researching opposing viewpoints before they start spreading the garbage, shouting down their opposition or continually changing the topic so they cannot be heard, or personally attacking their opposition’s character—all the time being careful to NEVER offer a fact that they might have to defend their “opinion”  and feelings.  That way they can never be proven wrong about anything they heard, actually happened, or believe.  Ignorance is bliss to too many and too much pressure is being put on dissenters to shut them up before others are educated enough to join them to protect our freedoms.

Finally, when I was 30, I thought 40 years later at age 70 was so far away it was not worth 5 seconds consideration.  But today I know it was a very short time that passed before I knew it.  Today, we are repeatedly told that Medicare will fail in 2026 (13 years) and Social Security in 2033 (20 years), yet so many citizens ALLOW their politicians to kick the can down the road, spend ever more money, and thrust the eventual crisis on my/our grandchildren.   They attack Conservatives who are screaming for less spending, smaller government, enforcing our laws, and a stop to the lie that low taxes not a 60% increase in overspending caused the problems.  That is why the Tea Party is pissed, generally disrespects the Left and the constant stream of lies, misrepresentations, changing the topic to avoid any meaningful discussion, and attacks on anyone who disagrees to shut them up before too many average citizens realize the truth of how they are being openly screwed, used, and blatantly lied to.  WE ARE AWED by the growing widespread ignorance of facts and fighting to NOT be educated; so much of the Left NEVER HAS TO ADMIT someone in their party was a liar, evil, or even made an unforgivable mistake too—“circle the wagons and shoot anyone who attacks what we say.”  We are also mad at those on the Right who complain about the country being destroyed, but are afraid or unwilling to say or do anything because they do not want to be embarrassed or publically attacked by the Left—“hide in the tall grass and hope the enemy goes away.”

WE ARE DUMBFOUNDED that more people are not campaigning to throw out most of the 535 in Congress, Obama, and ALL  like them running in the 2014/2016 primary elections, and instead are defending “their side’s position” no matter what happens or what they did.  Do we need 1 million killed with a bomb, poisoned water, all our guns and retirement funds confiscated, all our individual liberties taken, etc. to wake up before we become powerless to defend ourselves like in Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Castro’s Cuba, Chavez’s Venezuela, etc.?  It is time to stop buying that everything is just a conspiracy theory, or could not happen in America because we want to believe we are above thousands of years of human history.  What a convenient story to keep everyone silent or at bay until it is too late to recover.  I simply refuse to be guilty of being this head in the sand sheeples too.

As far as you and I personally go, I respect you a lot and get very frustrated when I cannot get through your well-practiced skillful speaking armor to never have to support with facts  anything you say or put down, or to stay on topic if you appear to be “losing”.  You are smarter than being part of the millions who have perpetuated getting the wrong people in both parties re-elected by refusing to evaluate their lies.  I do not care if you are pro-union, a Democrat, think the rich owe anyone more, think only Democrats freed the slaves or provide the money for your handicapped son, etc., but I disrespect your apparent refusal to have a real discussion on any single topic until the full topic has been laid up on the table and dissected by both sides before changing topics.  The stonewalling eventually surpasses my patience and common sense/courtesy to remain calm and positive.  I can and will fix this.  Either by forcing you to stay on topic, or eventually writing you off as incapable of having a real debate of issues because you apparently only care about what you feel, and it is inconvenient to explore if you are being tricked or part of the destruction of others for your personally beneficial handout from the Federal government that used to come from friends, churches and State governments.  That divide and conquer tactic is what has evolved into our being one step away from no real personal control or freedom from whatever the next elected arrogant group decides is best for all of us because we are too stupid to understand why we are wrong—and they belong to stay in power to protect us from ourselves.  I do not have to first show you everything I say is mostly right before you will give me my right to finish whatever I choose to say.  I am far from perfect too, so, we will fix this, or I will cut off any discussions where you and I cannot follow this simple courtesy and rule of conversation.  That includes not allowing just you to continue to talk as if I believed my points were wrong, or my continually talking over you trying to finish my point.  I am much more interested in getting it right through sharing knowledge than being right or “my side winning”.  I do not feel you share this desire.

Fair enough?  And please do not lecture me even more on all I do wrong too to change this topic.  You are great in so many ways, but you are not perfect either, and placing blame is not a solution or my intent.  I have shared what I will do to prevent this in the future so neither of us have another incident like last night.  You are free to do whatever you choose.

Love, R.

Postscript added for website.  So, are all you sheeple/ostrich Republican and Democrat die-hards afraid to challenge the news media spin, or to be ridiculed to tell others to pay attention, and demand the changes needed to save our uniquely successful way of life– given to us by our forefathers and soldiers that died for our freedoms?
The question for you tomorrow is “What did you do to defend your grandchildren’s freedom?”