Americans need a more rounded education of the facts.  Take the Sandy Hook massacre for example.   Give me a break—ban guns, wave a magic wand, and you folks will stop all the killing?  People have been killing others long before guns were invented. And I suppose money from the Tooth Fairy will solve the national spending crisis if we just tax the rich—even though a 100% income tax could only fund the government at the current rate of spending for 75 days–but let’s not make reducing spending the main issue. Let’s talk more taxes now and spending cuts in the future.  Are most of us really that naive or mesmerized by the mass media?

Believing in our current government hype is like still believing in Santa Clause providing everything instead of hard working, tax paying moms and dads footing the Christmas bills for the  “free stuff”.  Politicians are “selling” whatever they can get us to fall for.  Progressive Socialists in both political parties have a very well laid out plan they have been following for years that achieves their agenda one small building block at a time until the successful capitalist USA and our Middle Class are extinct.  It is all about their gaining perpetual power once we have been systematically stripped of ours that was guaranteed by our Constitution.  When common citizens have nothing left to fight back with, we have no way to ever get them out of power.  Think this is a conspiracy theory, then you were never taught the real history of Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mau, Castro, and Chavez.  Think this could never happen to you/us–that is what 30+ million killed who opposed these guys or just got in their way thought too.

 Are you afraid to test this “theory” by studying actual history of the Socialist movement in the US and around the world since the 1930’s?  Do you believe Socialism and communism are great, or are you concerned that the prior President of the AFL-CIO was a card carrying communist and there are 70 members of the DSA in our Congress?  Are you refusing to hear the calls for a New world Order and all countries paying taxes to and abiding by UN laws?  You can get educated instead of lead around by the nose by visiting for starters.  Actually read it as if not everyone who disagrees with the media is lying.  Then read .  Then read “Rules for Radicals” and see how much is already happening.

 Or are you  tuned out because coasting is easier than having to do something before our country is gone?  Ergo: we already have ours, there is nothing we can do about it as it is either a lie or bigger than us, or I just want to live quietly and let others worry about it while I enjoy retirement, TV, video games, texting, etc.?

If you do not think you are being told what to believe , then why did the mainstream media omit the coverage of potential other shooters at Sandy Hook and at the Batman movie disaster?  I watched part of this from the initial local news coverage, and then noted it quickly disappeared as the single shooter theme became the media chant in both shootings.  Did you see any of  the watchdog videos posted online by reputable sources, OR  avoid facts that disagree with the politically correct by taking everything the media presented as gospel??  There is lots of other live footage on the internet supporting the shooting coverage was a cover up by leaving out any facts that disagreed with their story line.  Any comments on a conspiracy behind the shootings are a second topic that I have no current interest in except to accept that something hidden may be happening. But the fact that we are being misled is there for all to see.  Even the Benghazi killing of our Ambassador is a great example of  the media trying to sell a believable alternative to the truth of what our eyes can see is real by watching the live video footage.  It is time to accept that 6 weeks of media lies and cover up are far more important than whatever their motive was.  We either stop the propaganda by openly challenging it, or expect the uninformed voters to always put them in power for the next handout and “freebie” offered to obscure and cover up whatever Progressives choose to do next.

And did you watch this video from a doctor about how depression drugs are linked to most mass murderers since 1961?
Or do you need a “break” from those documented facts too, so you can cling to a simplistic politically correct Group Think media who do your thinking for you?  Anti-Depression drugs, not marijuana that so many are serving jail time for using, and unconstrained mentally ill people and criminals are the real killers. Guns are not the problem.  People have been killing others long before guns were invented.  Give me a break—ban guns, wave a magic wand, and our government will stop all the killing?  Are you willing to trade self-protection for  30+ minute response times by 911?  If you believe this, it is going to be a trip to listen to Middle Class folks like you when your taxes go up $4,000 to $7,000 in 2013-2014, your medical insurance up $2,500 and Medicare co-pays and wait times double, you have a friend arrested at a political rally with no access to a lawyer or court, the housing bubble bursts, inflation goes to 10% and food costs go up another 30%, etc.

Until then, I guess all of us who smell a rat will just be idiots to you.  Well I am one “rat” among millions who would like to save the ship before it is too late, rather than just leave or tune out on our sinking ship.  This is not about President Obama, minorities, or the rich.  It is about personal freedoms being striped from us by our willingly accepting media story lines without challenging  what is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and calling out the liars and manipulators on any “popular” side.

So, do you intend to be a blind follower of either Party or any cause, or a concerned informed citizen, parent, or grandparent who checks the truth and holds the media accountable for facts that will keep future generations safe and economically ahead of the world like our citizens have been since WWII?