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We are passing ObamaCare because I said so.

Written on Feb 26th, 2010 by Randy Harod Send Your Fax   Add / See Member Comments (0)

No one, not even Obama, is above the will of “We the People” in America. 

 President Obama is actually correct that everything has already been said about the Liberal Democrats’ Health Care bill.  The problem is that he had his Summit and 56% of Americans still do not want it.  So he is going to try to humor us one more time with a watered down bill to show us he has yielded a little, then according to him, we are going to get Government run health care by Easter whether we like it or not.  In other words, according to President Obama, we essentially do not have the freedom to elect officials to vote how we want our country run anymore—whatever he, Pelosi and Reid say goes. 

 Whenever they did not have the votes to get the initial Health Care bills passed in the Senate, they just “bought” them with the Stimulus money that was supposed to be for creating jobs.  Some went to specifically “buy” Senators in Louisiana and Nebraska.  More money went to several states on special deals that the other states would not get.  Worse yet, some Senators openly stated that is what they thought they were elected to do—bring home the bacon for their state. 

 Do they really think we are that deaf and blind to what they are doing, or are they just arrogant almost beyond belief?  When 56% to 75% of voters polled tell our leaders to “knock it off” on new legislation, and all we hear in return is how stupid we are or how we just do not understand what is good for us, it is time to get very concerned for our immediate freedom and future. 

 Apparently now they think we are too dumb to understand that any “Reconciliation” vote is not about reconciling the cost of the House and Senate Health Care bills, but simply a “word trick” to not have to have 60 Senate votes to pass it.  Aren’t you getting sick and tired yet of being treated like a child or a hateful person if you are too “dumb” to see why you just need to get out of the way and stop protesting to your elected officials.  I mean really, don’t you understand that you are delaying their place in history by scaring too many Democrats up for re-election in 2010 into voting against their bill?  Can’t you see it is your fault that you are making them use the Nuclear Option to get around your ignorance of what is best for you? 

 Stop and think about this a minute.  With all the lies and bribes and slanted poll questions, 51% versus 41% of Americans are still practically screaming to NOT PASS OBAMACARE.  And let’s take a minute to review who is in favor of the Bill. 

  • Andy Stern, President of the SEIU Union who has publically demanded that Obama repay the unions for the $75 million they donated to get him elected.  They are counting on him because they are running out of funds to support their “Cadillac” plans most of us do not have. 
  • The 20% who do not work to have any insurance that agree with Obama that the rest of us “owe” it to them just because we can “afford” to pay it for them.  Or they believe it is “free” because it is from our government and free to them. 
  • Progressive Democrats/Republicans that feel the Federal Government should be running the economy and the country because successful people and corporations are too greedy and corrupt—but apparently the politicians like them are all pure and honest. 

 Meanwhile, we average hard working citizens would be in jail if we cheated on our taxes like Charlie Rangel, Obama’s Secretary of the Treasury, Tom Daschle, and 15 million of us are still out of work with no end in sight—so we resent the Health Care power grab and lying to us.  This administration has their own plan, and seems to believe nothing will be able to stop them before they get it in place—because they have all the power—and because Obama is so loved.  Meanwhile most of us trust our current healthcare coverage more than any government run anything, but would like lower costs from real reform.  We resent losing a year getting our jobs back on track while they spend all of OUR money and time on a power grab backed up with fancy ideals and misrepresentations.  It is almost beginning to look like they do not want us to get our jobs back so we have to look to the government for our healthcare.  Could that be why they have done almost nothing for over a year to create new jobs or to make small businesses healthy again?

 Don’t you have to wonder what their real goals are when Obama says they are going to pass ObamaCare even if it costs the Democrats the House and Senate in the next elections?  Something is terribly wrong here when our country is being run more like Russia and Venezuela than the America most of us grew up in.  This is not even about Democrats or Republicans anymore.  It is about corrupt and arrogant leaders in both parties that think they are above us, the law, and answerable to no one.  Their actual and proposed take overs of major companies like General Motors, banking, housing, energy, and healthcare sure seem like they are moving as fast as they can to make sure they keep their current power over us forever.

 America’s best bet is to slow everything down until it is truly transparent and honest by putting real fear into our Representatives since everyone in the House is up for election in 2010.  Fax, call, or write them today and get as many of your friends as you can to do the same.  Now is the time to take a stand before so much damage is done that it takes years for us to recover.  Demand that jobs be made the priority, and not so called “green jobs” that have proven in Europe to cost 2 existing jobs for every 1 new green job their governments created.  Demand an immediate stop to the runaway government spending, buying votes, and ignoring the American people.  It’s time to remind them that in America it is We The People and not our politicians or the Elites who run the country.  No one, not even Obama, is above the will of the People.  It is time to tell them all “Listen or Leave”, the American People are coming for you.

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