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Vote for America now or be discarded in 2024

Written on Oct 24th, 2020 by Anonymous Add / See Member Comments (1)

This was originally sent to a West Coast family member.

I get that you are busy, so here is the shortcut discussion. 

The first 4 paragraphs about Trump and Biden below take 3 minutes to read and all 7 take 5 minutes, and are important to the future of our nation, our retirements, and our families.  You can skip the rest of my prior email if you don’t have time for any details or supporting links or replies to your comments.  

HOWEVER, I want you to see and accept that this election is not really about Trump or Biden, but the Real Powers’ desperate “at any cost” attempt to get back in control of who gets elected—instead of We the People—so they can keep draining off $Trillions for their personal gain (that Trump is stripping from them)—while we slug along never getting rich because of them.  They cannot “tolerate” anyone being elected they do not have control over like they did Clinton, Bush, Obama and will get with Biden.    

  • That is why I also sent you the email with the 3 ½ minute George Carlin tirade about the people actually pulling the strings.
  • And we sent you the 1 hr. 20 min DVD “Trump Card” that identifies some of them and their motives that neither of our medias touch.    

This is not a game of wits or whose guy is more popular.  This election is literally about whether or not we have future elections decided by our citizens or taken over for decades by these powers.  We can debate whether Trump or Hillary and Biden cheated after we protect our country—from greedy Billionaires and their puppets, and from devious foreign powers working hard on our destruction to promote their wealth and ideologies.   

I urge you to watch the “Trump Card” DVD and then decide if it so important to you to be too busy to learn some hidden facts, or to just keep up your “skinhead republican….cheat cheat steal steal” comments to avoid any real discussion—or you learning anything that disagrees with you and our media paid off by these powers. 

I have spent the time on this that you and millions in both Parties have not. It is real.  It is dangerous. And the deciding time is now. 

If Trump gets re-elected, we will get to see if he improves our economy, retirement funds, and way of life even more that he already did for Blacks, women, Hispanics, 3 years before the China virus was unleashed on America and the world. We will get to see the reality of his Warp Speed creation of supplies, cures and vaccines that he agreed to use on himself to see if it would stop the FDA from delaying them –and could help us too.  We will see how many more jobs he brings back to America from China that gives Americans well-paying careers without having to have a college education and debt.  We will watch him quickly make our streets safe for us and our children again, and provide real education to our children so they can compete in the job market with school choice and charter schools for all children—instead of having to sell drugs or be a thief that doesn’t get caught to get ahead. We will get to see if his business knowledge and policies like Opportunity Zones  continue to make poor and middle class Americans better off and re-instills more pride in our country and freedoms and ourselves—and puts foreign powers on notice that raping our economy and beheading our people is no longer tolerated.        

Biden campaigns that Trump created the coronavirus and devastation of the world’s economy instead of his buddies in China, and promoted the riots in our streets instead of Antifa. 

If Biden gets elected, we will get to see what Socialist giveaways and central government control of our companies does to our economy and everyday Americans’ prosperity.  We will see what bowing to China and Iran again gets us.  We will see what $15 a gallon gas, 3x electric power costs, and being taxed $4 Trillion more in the next 4 years does to those who are not already rich like our politicians and major business owners like Amazon, Facebook, the Koch brothers, Soros, etc. are  We will see if their brand of Socialism is just one more of the total failures throughout thousands of years of prior schemes and trials to produce economic success with total control of the population by a few privileged Elites and their families at the top making and enforcing all policies—much like the kings and their lords our forefathers wrote the Constitution to protect our future generations from lapsing back into being dominated by. Our children will be further indoctrinated that being born White brands you a racist that owes something to others—no matter how you live your life—and race and what the government lets you have is more important than individual efforts and achievement.  Our prior law and order will be replaced with defunding the police, anything you feel is right if you vote right, and no politician will risk not being reelected to oppose mob rule. 

With Trump, we will have another chance in 4 years even if he and all his supporters are wrong

With Biden, Socialist Democrats will pack the Supreme Court and stack voter rolls with illegal aliens to dominate future elections and our laws. We will lose more of our individual freedoms and opportunity to make our own destinies without government decrees and interference picking winners and losers. Or, we will become like the most recent failures of Communism and Socialism, and America will simply go bankrupt and starve its middle class and poor people like Cuba and Venezuela are doing before we can get out of central government domination.  Or our states will break apart like the USSR did while Russia had to give its people more freedom to prevent their overthrowing the Communist government to get rid of bread lines. 

Will you vote with an eye to the future and preserving choices, or on whatever the media says and seems to make you most popular today?  I voted for America and Trump in 2020 and the ability to choose again in 2024– instead of having my future votes overwhelmed by 30 million illegals made legal voters before then to keep the current Democrat leadership in power at all costs while they finish installing their Socialism without any checks and balances.       

Nowhere is the coordinated effort to keep the facts from voters until after the election more obvious than the coverup and outright lies claiming the Hunter Biden laptop emails are not real, or were “planted” by Russian interference in our election.  Worse yet, low level FBI people had the hard drive during the 2019 House Impeachment proceedings and kept it covered up until Giuliani recently blew their cover by going public after the whistleblower went to him because the FBI was doing nothing.  The ongoing coverup attempt ignores that independent evaluations of the hard drive contents CONSCLUSIVELY proved it was Hunter’s, not from Russians, PLUS some of his associates have confirmed that many of the most damning emails addressed to them are REAL and it ensnares VP Biden as central to this corruption. This makes Joe Biden open to Chinese blackmail if he fails to do their bidding–and The big Club can use it to quickly replace him with their avowed Socialist VP Kamala Harris if he doesn’t do their bidding.  

Here is one of the validations that has not been blocked on Goggle yet.   And if they block information that tries to prove the information is true, what does that tell you?   

Twitter and Facebook shutting down the NY Post and ALL other comments on this scandal should scare the hell out of all of us.  We are adults and capable to make up our own minds, so withholding and blocking info sharing is an illegal move to influence the election by hiding damaging facts from voters—like they said they would do.  Protecting Biden from any tough or potentially damning questions in the debates, from reporters, and in townhalls is an obvious attempt to keep from revealing his mental disability and what his rehearsed sound bites actually mean.  Reading answers off teleprompters or softball questions from ONLY Democrat moderators is not showing us how capable he is or is not to sit down with leaders from China, Russia, North Korea, etc. 

How blind and deaf so many have to make themselves be, to not have to accept that your Party leadership has left you and is aimed at bringing America down—some as insurrectionists, and some as Socialists craving power they are buying with promises of free stuff– that always comes from shrinking the middle class while falsely claiming to only “make the rich pay their fair share.” I urge you to believe what you have seen Trump do in spite of corrupt and powerful opposition, and reject the tired repeats of political promises by Biden and Democrats who always say them, but never did them. Vote for Trump to make sure your vote will count again in 2024.


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