The Big Picture of what is being kept from Americans

Published on January 3rd, 2021 Add / See Visitor Comments (0)

I am not a Conspiracy Theorist, but I do a lot of research with an open mind.  Several pieces of “mandated” change that have been accelerating have been very disturbing to me.  Things like controlling what news we can see or hear or exchange—not being able to travel or talk with each other or privately (phones not spied on) or even in church gatherings—new laws in place allowing them to confiscate our bank and retirement accounts—converting our money to digital currency where the Fed controls everything we make and can spend—mandating Covid vaccinations that can change to any vaccination Government demands—making a universal income from the Government a way of life instead of individual achievements—teaching our children anything our Government wants them to believe is true—and destroying anyone who dares disagree with or speak out against or disobey our “leaders” dictates and what they claim is true because they say it is.       

Since so much seems to make so little sense today, I believe survival of our individual freedoms requires thinking “outside the box” before it is too late.  You owe it to yourself, your children, and your grandchildren to at least be aware of this discussion. 

YOU NEED TO KNOW that part or all of this video from our prior Assistant Secretary of Housing is probably true.  Note she does not discuss any politics.  At least watch the first 25 minutes and decide for yourself.  Even if you disagree with her prediction of total control if we continue to be sheeple, the pieces still explain why many things are being done to us to take away self-control of our small businesses, our talking with each other, and how we used to live our lives.     

This is a brilliant explanation of how the virus is a new major player in changing everything to control our lives and how everything we are being told is no more than a smoke screen.  Mandatory lockdowns and vaccinations will evolve into eventual control over you and your money and everything you are allowed to do if we do not stop them.  Pay attention to the video on how they will control our personal money, our livelihoods, and our travel (like the Chinese do their people today).   Minute 30 begins the explanation of why the riots occurred where they did and did not by design—disaster capitalism and real estate asset acquisition.  The last 15 minutes explain the push to establish a “Global Technocracy” run by a few Elites that view everyone else as inferior and eventually unnecessary as they run the world with Artificial Intelligence for only their personal benefit.            

The video’s bottom-line message is:  If everyone wakes up, we can have a revolution with no bloodshedBUT  “We must stop financing the businesses and helping build the systems that will enslave us.”  Don’t help “Big” Pharma—Big Govt—Big Banks—mandatory Warp Speed distribution and dictated vaccinations—Big Tech hook you personally up to the Cloud—Big AG develop and spread GMO foods—or the Fed covert us to digital currency only they control. “

I do not know how much of or if all of this is true.  I do know it could explain how a lot of seemingly weird demands by our Elites and others in power are part of achieving an end goal if they can just keep us in the dark and quiet a little longer.   

I urge you stop going along to get along and realize that “they” have no intention of stopping even after they gain total control.  That just gives them the power to accelerate their “superior” changes and way of life faster—and we are all seen as unnecessary inferior people in their way.  No one beneath them will be spared for being on the “winning” team.  Do nothing, and you will be among the first to be eaten by their ambition and arrogance.