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Falsifying the News for Political Power and Personal Profit

Written on Oct 24th, 2013 by Randy Harod Add / See Member Comments (0)

Before we can get “honest” elections, our time and money must FIRST be invested in OPENLY refuting media miseducation of voters before it is too late. 

Tax payers voting primarily on principles and holding politicians accountable depends on honest and factual news reporting of events and political candidates.  Major elections are commonly won by a 5% to 8% margin. As long as the media predominantly skews the “news”, our elections will follow this bias instead of facts.  So if the 93% liberal reporters creating 74% liberal bias in all “news” reporting miseducates and sways at least 5% of the voters, then Democrats will win repeatedly regardless of their broken promises and the detrimental effect of their policies on citizens.  This will happen every time until the Silent Majority are awakened over issues enough to openly speak to each other and get energized enough to flock to the election polls—like happened in 2010.

So what if Democrats recently got caught using our government agencies to attack and suppress Conservatives and groups that oppose them, but media buried these stories?  REALLY?  After whistleblowers publicized these illegal activities, most media downplayed, misconstrued, or quit reporting anything on them despite all of this still happening today.  The NSA spied on people and turned the information over to other agencies.  The IRS “audited” hundreds of Conservative groups demanding inappropriate information such as names of their members, and targeted large donors trying to instill fear of financial losses for being conservatives.  Armed SWAT teams have shown up at conservative businesses accused of regulation infractions or that stayed open during the government shutdown, and Capital police harassed veterans who showed up at their open air WWII memorial—while Democrat politicians approved a demonstration and linked arms with pro Amnesty illegals at another memorial hailed by the media as an example of free speech.

But the most devastating ongoing damage to the truth is the continual creation of yet another and then another “crisis” to bury the prior news and any follow up that would educate the public on just how corrupt our government has become. 

  • Fast and Furious guns are still killing Border Agents, local law enforcement, etc. and no one in the government is being held accountable or made to obey our existing gun laws like we have to do.  But a few Democrat Senators and the news media used this “mistake” as another reason we must seize the guns from our citizens–and the stonewalled investigation is ignored by the media.
  • The four deaths at Benghazi are still “So why does it matter now?” as formal Congressional investigations are stonewalled by the State Department and Executive Branch simply refusing to turn over critical subpoenaed documents while submitting thousands of pages of blather.  Whistle-blowers have lost their jobs, been discredited with mistruths, and crushed with impunity or died, while the truth remains buried.  Truths like the real Benghazi issue was the 400 ground to air missiles our State Department under Hillary Clinton lost to Al Qaeda in Libya that our killed ambassador was trying to get back—and the “lock up” STILL sequestering of 20+ other people who were in Benghazi –for a year while being made to sign confidentiality agreements that would criminalize any Congressional testimony they might give after their release.
  • The NSA wiretapping of US citizens has not only been proven to still be happening and illegal, but that some information has been used for political reasons.  Again, the investigation is stonewalled, and the news has moved on to more “crucial” issues like the staged government shutdown and fake threat of defaulting on our debt payments.
  • The prominent IRS official caught in lies to a Congressional Committee about how the targeting of Conservative groups did not happen, was only done to a few groups, and happened to a lot of Democrat groups too—got a paid leave of absence and was allowed to retire at full pay rather than be fired for violating our antidiscrimination laws.  So far, they have blocked her being called back as a citizen for more questioning and to be held accountable for disobeying our laws.
  • The “crisis and pain” suffered by the American People by the government shutdown is being sold as the reason the House must not pass any more bills that do not give President Obama whatever he wants—no matter how bad unchecked spending is for our economy.
  • The extent and depth of these cover ups is simply astounding.  The longer they are allowed to continue, the more politicians are reassured they can do or pass anything and get by with it without fear of voters waking up.

WARNING  The Liberal TV and newspaper media has lost a lot of control over the news due to Social media and a few Conservative radio and TV shows.  So they are fighting back by fiercely “branding” everyone that disagrees with them a bigot, terrorist, “TEAJihadist”, woman rights hater, religious nut, radical Right Winger, conspiracy theorist, etc.  They openly say horrible mistruths and vulgar comments about Conservative women, blacks, media, and any group that tries to get the truth heard over the repetitive drum beating of liberals’ misrepresentations of the facts.  OFTEN they band together to simply not report any news that disagrees with the message they want believed, and over report everything that agrees with their positions.  And since when were news outlets supposed to have Political Positions and why have so many good Americans become afraid of them?

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel if you will use it.   

  • Step One is to stop the media destruction of all who tell the truth to the public.  How?— by not being afraid of being branded a bad person for believing whatever you believe, and realize they are trying to shut you up so people only hear their side so more believe their errant “facts” and mistruths.  By speaking up in public when you hear a mistruth or political spin that unfairly demeans anyone or anything.  By speaking out against TV media news every time they blatantly bend the truth or misreport the facts.  By using emails and word of mouth to educate more people on the real truth on key issues.  By taking part in or starting public discussions to correct mistruths, instead of being afraid of “rocking the boat.”
  • Step Two is to educate your friends and the public on their freedoms that have been or are being taken away from them—the right to publicly be a Christian, the right to own a gun, the right to challenge government corruption without reprisal and to punish political offenders just like regular citizens, the ability to grow non-government jobs and employment without undue federal government interference, the right to repeal or stop laws that the majority of Americans do not want no matter which Party the President belongs to, the right to demand a federal budget and controlled spending and elect people to do this without the Executive Branch ignoring them and the Constitution and continuing out of control spending, and the right to insist that existing laws are not ignored by order of the Executive Branch before we lose our Republic by destruction of our Constitutional checks and balances on all three branches of government.
  • Step Three is demanding your rights and freedoms be given back to you by every politician elected starting in 2014.  Get involved in the Primaries in your local and state elections as well as for Congress and the President.  See this as helping protect the future for your children and grandchildren and your retirement funds.  Don’t vote for Party Labels such as Democrat, Republican, or Tea party.  Research and vote for the integrity and promises of every candidate and hold them accountable to restore your rights and reign in politicians who think they are above us—before it is too late.
  • Step Four is helping create a public outcry that “We are mad as hell, and we are not going to take it anymore.”  Openly demand closed borders with no amnesty strings attached, Term Limits for Congress, a Fair or Flat Tax to stop politicians handing out our tax dollars to get re-elected, energy independence and the millions of jobs it creates, radically downsizing our bloated Federal Government, and curtailing its overspending, and enforcing existing laws the same on everyone.
  • Step Five is sending a letter or email to commend any news media that reports the truth that our government and other media are trying to cover up.  This includes items like the recent hilarious exposing of the real Obamacare disaster by liberal comedian Jon Stewart  UPDATE this video has been removed/censored, but a few minutes are currently available at and then scroll down to the picture of the Simpsons to see more.

It has become pretty simple.  We either take back our government or it completes taking control over our lives.  Shortly after 2016 we will either wake up in our most successful and free society in all history again, or in a new version of Communist Socialist Russia where the news media told people what to believe, think, and to fear opposing its government Elites most of all.

Here is some research that shows how real and huge this media bias problem is.

As long as most TV media reports lockstep with Democrat strategists, as demonstrated by most newscasts using the same sound bites, the unchallenged repetition of this “news” will convince many voters that the mistruths are facts.  This has been shown to be happening by several shows questioning the” people on the street” on current hot political topics.  Many of these people have no knowledge of general topics, but have a firm opinion on political issues.  Many of these same people “hate” the Tea Party (but don’t know who they are), think Sarah Palin is dumb and a discredit to women for not aborting her challenged baby, say Ted Cruz is a dummy ( one of Harvard Law’s “smartest students”), never watch Fox News or any conservative reporting, and “know” the Tea Party shut down the government—not the Democrat Senate that refused to pass any funding bills from the Republican House.

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