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A Preview of Cap and Tax Legislation

Written on Nov 18th, 2009 by Jeff Conrad Send Your Fax   Add / See Member Comments (0)

Cap and Tax, or Cap and Trade as it is known on The Hill, is another major pending bill with a name designed to hide its true intent from the public.  If passed, it will be another of a growing list of taxes imposed on the middle class over the objections of the majority of Americans before they know what hit them. 

For starters, it includes new taxes on electricity and other energy usage on all families that the Department of the Treasury has estimated to start at $100 Billion to $200 Billion a year, or over $1,700 a year for every American family (as reported by CBS News).  This is really a new tax on every US family that will be passed on to them by the utility companies.  The need for the tax is supposedly because the American people are energy hogs compared to the rest of the world and need to learn to cut back on their usage–as part of the Climate Change “carbon footprint” boondoggle.  The proposed new fees (or taxes) would be part of implementing President Obama’s recorded video promise that the cost of electricity will necessarily soar under his administration’s overall plans for Change in America. 

Meanwhile, most Americans who are struggling to get by today,  simply don’t view themselves as the bad guys or needing to make major energy cut backs to save the world.  But like most new legislation being rushed through Congress today, our politicians don’t seem to care much about what we voters think about anything.   We are just “too stupid” to understand their grand plan for the US and the new world they want us to live in whether we know or agree that we need to or not. 

Some who follow this kind of thing closely are already claiming that it is part of a rush to a New World Order with a Global Economy controlled by a Global Government that oversees everything sometime in the future.  This may or may not be a goal of many of the Progressives pushing Cap and Trade and Global Warming (oops, they have recently rebranded that as Climate Change because we have been in a 10 year cooling period they can’t falsify or hide any longer), but if you look at proposed new bills or treaties very closely, in many cases you will see that a portion of all new revenues are being earmarked to go to the United Nations.  One theory for this is that this would prevent the citizens of countries like the US ,who can have a say so in where their tax dollars are spent, from reducing the United Nation’s budget by cutting back our country’s voluntary contributions in the future–over things like being enraged that the UN received $millions from Sadam Hussein in the dollars for oil scam before the second Gulf War. 

All of us need to watch this Cap and Tax closely as it unfolds, and make sure it does not  pass, or at least that it does not serve others more than it does our own citizens.  Look for new posts on Listen or Leave and Fax your representatives what you want done with this major impact new Bill.  

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