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Are “Birthers” Really “Truthers” Demanding to See the Facts?

Written on Jan 6th, 2011 by Randy Harod Add / See Member Comments (0)

The following is an email I sent to a dear friend who was concerned that Obama had already proven he was born in Hawaii and asked why anyone would be so fixated as to continue to question this “fact”.

To me, this is not about Obama or his birth certificate as much as it is about enforcing our laws and not allowing the facts on any important issue to be buried by the liberal or conservative media.  I am not a big fan of “You’ll have to pass the bill to read it.  Trust me you will like it.” or anything else that hides facts from the majority of every day citizens and their representatives.  Even the Board of Directors of major corporations are elected or booted out by the stockholders’ votes, which include every day people like you and me.  I can not imagine a Board of Directors saying, “It’s okay if all of his history is locked away from our view, his name couldn’t be up for consideration for President of this company if he didn’t meet the minimum requirements for the job.”  The stockholders/voters would sue their pants off for not doing the job they were entrusted with.

Please share/show me the proof of Obama’s birth you are citing as existing—and how it is standing up under close review—based on your personal research of what is fact versus what is reported.  Until then, this could all be like everyone that stood to profit from hiding that several He Man actors loved worldwide like Rock Hudson were in fact gay—in spite of the years of public denial that this was true, and how could it be true—look at his marriage, children, all of his close friends, co-workers and family comments and denials, etc.?  We are supposed to be smarter today and more aware of our devious world than to just believe what would make us happier to not challenge; so we can continue to live in the dream that is so much prettier than the potential actual reality.   

Here are some personally researched facts that I am “fixated” on about this topic. 

  • The certificate of live birth that Obama posted on his website during the elections is not a real birth certificate—and is not legally acceptable to even get a US drivers license in most states (except maybe in California where known illegals can get one).  I have as much faith in it as I do the notarized Kenya birth certificate I showed you—until someone proves beyond a reasonable doubt which one is a lie.  No real birth certificate has ever been produced for review by Obama.  Even the “thrill up my leg” Chris Mathews is now asking why Obama doesn’t just show it and bury all the mystery and suspicions once and for all. 
  • All of Obama’s key personal records are in fact “sealed” and protected from public disclosure through a legal maneuver that cost anyone who does it about $1.5 million today.  This includes all of his college materials, papers he wrote, etc. that would shed light on his true beliefs, who paid for his college at Columbia before he had govt. loans, etc.  No other political candidate has ever done this including Hillary Clinton.  No one should ever be allowed to do it either—before or after the election. 
  • The most powerful job in the world should demand full disclosure and nothing left to debate about how they actually think, what they said or did, their qualifications, etc.—so nothing can be covered up by their party or favorable or paid off media—for any party candidate.  Blind acceptance to avoid debate is almost begging any party and person who can get by with it to become a Chavez and the US to become Venezuela.  Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Controlling what the public was allowed to know of the facts, and burying the other facts is how Hitler, Stalin, Mau, etc. gained power and controlled the masses. 
  • This is not really about Obama to me.  It is about no American or visitor being allowed to get around our laws or being above the law.  I will never trust or respect power achieved through secrecy or deception—no matter how much I want to like and trust someone. 
  • A little deeper research on our actual laws concerning a minor/16 year old mother who is a US citizen, and a non US citizen adult father might be a good eye opener for you to verify for yourself—if you care about the truth and not just whatever the majority of your friends are saying they feel or will agree with you on so you all “fit in”.  Then someone can get back to actually proving where Obama was born.  

Too many people are repeating political talking head points instead of repeating facts they have verified to be true.  Or they are always redirecting the conversation away from the person under the immediate spotlight and microscope to someone else that many people may dislike such as Bush and Chaney.  This may be effective most of the time to change the topic from any real review of the facts—but it never addresses the truth—whatever that truth may be.  So again, please show me your facts and I will gladly admit the errors in my thinking and change what I say to others about this topic.  

 Plus, Obama’s citizenship was challenged in the courts before the election and it is still being challenged in our slow, tedious, and often corrupt legal system today.  So broad sweeping statements like “isn’t it obvious”are also unacceptable real proof of anything—but are popular ways to avoid mutual discussions of facts or having to take the time to research to know them.  Neither should “it is too late now, he is already President and we should not risk black riots” be a reason to not demand full disclosure.   

Until his citizenship is proven “beyond a reasonable doubt”, it is extremely important that Americans re-establish that no one is above the law or above having to prove their authenticity.  This is not about his citizenship as much as it is the obvious cover up that is still going on.  Ripping the seal off Obama’s past may well prove his citizenship, but also reveal a mountain of dirt or misdeeds that he simply can not afford to be public knowledge before the 2012 elections—or why isn’t it just done and then forgotten about?  Only the truth will set us free of this so called debate.  Trying to publically degrade honestly concerned people by calling them “birthers” and having movie and TV stars incessantly chime in on the stupidity of those who disagree with them or their latest “cause” will no longer shut people up in America today.  But it will make everyone who continues to pursue this name calling in place of presenting proof of their “facts” less respected and less listened to. 

Running this country should not be a popularity contest or “King and Queen of the prom” election.

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