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An Open Letter to Pastors

Written on Dec 17th, 2009 by Guest Add / See Member Comments (0)

I quote: “Several months ago, leaders from the National Association of Evangelicals and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops supported a mass amnesty before the Senate Immigration Subcommittee, but the majority of their followers prefer an approach of tougher enforcement instead.” 

 Millions of Americans are getting actively involved this year to save our country from Socialism and economic destruction in the near future.  Tea parties are just the top 1/3 of the iceberg of everyday citizens practically shouting “I’ve had enough and I am not going to take it anymore.”  Recently the battle has shifted to more emphasis on demanding better leadership from our churches because the Progressives in both political parties love to tout how “mean and unloving” it is to want illegals to become legal or go home, or to let “45,000 people a year die for lack of health insurance for everyone.” 

 At a minimum these “heartstrings” comments are guilt trips that ignore the facts to try to shame us into giving our politicians and religious leaders whatever they want without any of us “ignorantly” standing in the way of their “progress” or new recruitment efforts.  As a simple common sense example of why we can not allow this to happen, there are at least 500 million more poor and oppressed in Mexico and South America that would love to come here that we can not sustain—nor was any country’s immigration system designed to cure the social ills in any other sovereign nation.  You have probably visited some impoverished countries as I have, and know millions more will always sneak into the US if they can get by with it.   

 In many cases some church denominations or areas of the country have been duped or subdued into viewing any comments from the pulpit as churches getting into politics—at the risk of their tax free status, or upsetting one or the other group of political party members in their congregation—while other churches swung all the way to the other side and are hiding or aiding and abetting illegals against our laws.  I would suggest that only a handful of churches have apparently reconciled what is the correct biblical and legal action they need to be taking with their congregations—and pastors saying nothing is almost like watching someone start shooting church members, but doing nothing out of fear for their personal safety.  This is not a political matter, but a matter of truly following and presenting the teachings in our bible. 

 Where is the legal risk in preaching that the bible says we should follow the laws of the land and cautioning about where they are being broken today?  What is improper about suggesting that lawbreakers, who happen to be illegal immigrants or politicians, should face the same penalties we do, and that misrepresenting the facts to the public is the same as “giving false testimony about your neighbor” and misusing our tax dollars for personal gain is simply “stealing?”  It does not require specific names or events to stir the moral consciousness of your congregation to these violations and encourage them to stand up for their rights as Paul did when he reminded his persecutors that he was a Roman citizen whose legal rights were being ignored and demanding they be given back to him. 

 There are huge moral and religious rights survival risks in continuing to say and do nothing as terrorists are being given more rights, while Christians are having their free speech and other rights taken away daily.  Just as Christ preached to the “common folk” about their religious leaders violating the basic tenets of the church and misusing their power, isn’t it our pastors’ job to strongly caution their flock about the abuse of power by politicians in both parties who are tearing down Christian rights and destroying the land we live in today?  If no Christian leaders had ever preached the truth or risked the consequences of “going public”, how would there be any Christianity in the world today or any pastors have their job today? 

 I urge you to find the right action to take today, rather than doing nothing and waking up in a country that persecutes Christians like already happened in Russia, Germany, China, much of Africa and most Islamic countries for starters.  Thinking that it can’t happen in America in your lifetime is hiding in the bushes and hoping someone else gets the heat while you get to walk the fence as long as you can.  When our children are getting sent home from school for using the “Christ” word, or required to attend psychological counseling for drawing pictures of Christ on the Cross, it is simply wrong for pastors to abdicate their position and make each parent fight for their Christianity alone, or give up because the anti-Christ system in America today is bigger than any individual or single family. 

 I leave you with this final question of conscience.  How are you going to count all the souls you saved by allowing your flock to become so afraid that they had to whisper Christ’s name in private as they have to do in places like China today?  How will you explain doing nothing while the rights we had to worship our Lord disappeared in your silence and temerity or misguided fears of repercussions on your church?   Why would you want to be like the Pastor in Nazi Germany that has spent his life preaching how he said nothing when he could—until there was no one left to speak for him, so  he was jailed for the duration of the war?  We need religious leaders to speak up about what is righteous and what is not,  and to encourage us to stand up and vote for our God given rights.

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