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Pelosi’s Plan To Replace You With Illegal’s Votes

Written on Apr 4th, 2010 by Guest Add / See Member Comments (0)

Are you wondering why the Democrat leadership ignored 76% of voters polled who did not want ObamaCare passed?  Perhaps this is why.  About 114 Million people voted in the 2008 elections and Obama won by about 7 Million votes.  And the Democrats are planning to buy 10 Million more. 

What the Democrat Leaders are really saying today is “Who needs your vote in 2010 when there are 15 Million to 17 Million illegal aliens we are going to sign up as our new “give away your money to them” Democrats?”  Pelosi has essentially repeatedly told her fellow Democrats, “Don’t worry; we have a plan and besides, all those Tea Party rebels and terrorists will be back asleep before November anyhow.” 

Under Pelosi’s direction the House bill gave all illegal aliens free ObamaCare, but it was taken out of the Senate version she was forced to pass to get any healthcare bill signed.  So now she and Obama are hard at work on Amnesty for all illegal’s in their next “buy the votes” with Stimulus Money bill.  Plus the “Card Check” Bill is still pending in Congress where union leaders could sign all illegals up as dues paying members on a card they would get with a promise to keep their current jobs—courtesy of Obama and the unions—and “wink-wink” for voting the right way.  They are counting on this to get Obama re-elected in 2012 and all of the Progressive’s bills in place before 2016.  This is why a Democrat strategist stated that the Republicans were done and the Democrats would remain in power for another 50 years.

Meanwhile, there are many serious holes in what they are telling us is true, and what we are finding out is actually true.  Perhaps keeping the truth hidden from the masses as much as possible is why they are calling 3 major companies in for interrogation because they dared publish their accountants’ estimates of $300 Million higher healthcare costs and loss of stock payers’ profits due to ObamaCare.  What if hundreds of companies starting publishing their new cost estimates and the $3 to 4 trillion dollar “new hidden tax” cat is let out of the bag  in plain sight for all to see.  Why, that might get them voted out of office if their unrepentant misrepresentations became common knowledge.    

 For example.  Wasn’t it Nancy Pelosi that urged the House to pass the Senate ObamaCare bill and read it later?  And aren’t they telling all of us voters today, “Just trust us and whatever we say.  You don’t have to know anything except we say it is good for you because we said so.”

 Perhaps this is why they pretend to not worry about the Tea Party people, call them names like bigots, compare them to terrorists, and anything else they can think of to try to make people not listen to them.  Have you noticed that the Democrat leadership and main stream media attack anyone who offers a different point of view or a straight to the point presentation of the facts to the public.  Sure seems like they know they must shut up individuals and news outlets like Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck—or the truth might catch on and become popular knowledge.  This could also explain why they have been  actively pursuing bills that would give the Federal Government control over the Internet and Talk Radio content.   

 So what can you do to stop them from ignoring the significant majority of Americans and make them start voting like you want done?  You can form a small group of voters in your area that can each bring in a handful of other voters and be ready to vote them out of office in November 2010.  We have plenty of time left to make this happen if more of us start now.  I urge you to call or email your friends and start the ball rolling today.