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Will we preserve or lose our Republic in the 2020 Elections?

Written on Aug 24th, 2020 by Anonymous Add / See Member Comments (0)

I want to share these thoughts with you as we enter the last days before the critical 2020 election that will determine our future for generations to come.

  • Will we wake up too late in an America being transformed into a controlled voter society stripped of individual freedoms by their “new and better this time” Socialism?  Or will we burn off the media fog and help fight to save our country and our freedoms for ourselves and our grandchildren just like the signers of the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution did?  We are at that point our Founders warned of when our Republic could be lost in a single election by the passion of our youth misinformed about out past history and apathy of too many uninformed of the domination and poverty the Founders escaped from in Europe—run by Elites installed over the economic means to have and control almost all wealth and productivity by “Right of Birth” or “Government decree”. 

It is not my intent to have a debate with you, but to encourage open discussion among you and your friends and everyone on your email lists before the election. 

  • My desire is to share info with you on the crisis our country faces in the next election if Trump/GOP loses.  Sadly, I do not think enough voters understand the Democrats, Soros, and Socialists have a real chance of winning with the lies they have pounded into the public—some of which many of you confidently repeated.  They started “brainwashing” the public by repeating misinformation and  lies so often before Trump got elected that too many people believe them— Just like they pounded his image AND THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT with the concocted Russia investigation and phony House Impeachment based on a phone call—Just like many took the media anti-Trump bait on drinking disinfectant, and Pelosi gets by with calling it the Trump virus and condemning Trump as being “racist” for calling it the China virus.  Just like they condemned him for shutting down travel from China and then Europe as being racist and now shout over that with what a rotten job he did because he did not shut it down soon enough.   Just like the Democrats tried to hijack the coronavirus bill by delaying it to include payoffs to the unions and amendments to shutdown oil production in their $3 Trillion bill the Senate would not pass until at least ½ was taken out—but had to allow a lot of because the American economy and people out of work were being held hostage by Pelosi, etc.  Just like the Democrat leaders and media lie to our faces daily about “peaceful protesters abused by police and Federal Marshalls”.  (Nadler just said it is a “myth”–Trump and GOP media were lying trying to make the protests seem like riots just to divert the attention from his failures—not theirs–on the virus.)
  • It is time Americans ask themselves what the Democrats have done about the virus since the Governors are the MAIN line of defense and the Feds are supposed to be the backup—just like for hurricanes, the states are expected to be prepared.  This is not their first pandemic.  Trump is not a failure because the states depleted and did not replace their supplies, don’t have enough ICU beds for an aging population even before any pandemic—no matter how hard they and the media are selling this cover up.  Plus, you can find how the Feds did the same under Bush and Obama.  Nor should they be allowed to claim zero responsibility for their State failures, killing tens of thousands of grandparents, and destroying tens of thousands of small businesses with sweeping mandates that were not based on science, but a  political ploy to destroy the economy that was KILLING the Democrats in all the polls.  Trump sent Cuomo thousands of beds and many doctors for covid, but Cuomo dictated to put covid patients in with the elderly TO FREE UP ICU AND HOSPITAL BEDS IN CASE OTHERS GOT SICK.  Most of the beds Trump sent Cuomo went unused and cost taxpayers $millions.   New York and others were like Italy killing many elderly patients by not giving them full medical care as an initial country policy due to fear of not having enough resources for the younger taxpayers to survive the virus to fund the country’s future. 
  • Think a little deeper and more open and the “coup by any means for power” will sink in.   Surely, you can absorb the many bits and pieces that slip through the media blackout and put the picture of a political agenda overriding our medical necessity—including misleading and then lying about hydroxychloroquine that had 60 years of safe use and many prior studies they warped by saying “but they were not for Coronavirus” as if basic science is not science and nothing counts unless the media says so.  Including the obvious riots and destruction in our streets being created by paid agitators that have co-opted the BLM and founded Antifa as their political army—much like the KKK was for years—that  media now wants to rewrite as being part of GOP racism only Democrats care about.  The evidence is overwhelming and was mostly buried by the media and the Obama weaponized CIA, FBI, IRS, STATE DEPARTMENT, AND DOJ.  If you still want to resist this reality, slog through “Ukraine the Democrats’ Russia” on YouTube.  Listen closely and you will hear concrete evidence in it how the Democrats also set up the phony Russia story.  Hopefully, this attempted coup will be released by the DOJ to the public this summer. 
  • IT IS THIS SIMPLE.  If the Democrats win, we will have no borders, they will let illegals vote and be counted in the census—thus instilling them in power for at least 100 years or a real new Civil War—but with Biden controlling the Army just as the President of Venezuela does to stay in power today.  Say “All lives Matter”, “Negro”, “Nationalism”,  or anything they choose to make offensive to serve their propaganda, and you will lose your job or be fined and go to jail.  Defend your property with a gun and it will be confiscated, and you will be charged with a felony (like they just did in Portland).  Oppose the “peaceful protesters” and they will come burn down your house (like they did the Democrat who was supporting them but not for fully defunding the police), kill you like they did the woman strolling her child and the Black man with a Support Trump sign, beat you to a pulp like they did the Democrat politician in Wisconsin cornered in the mob, etc. 
  • All of this supposedly because George Floyd, a now celebrated “humble person” (aka repeat felon who overdosed on fentanyl) was allegedly killed by one bad cop—But they have assassinated 20+ cops “in protest”. Treyvon Martin was killed while smashing the head of the media branded “White man” (actually Latino/White) into the concrete, and were proven to have edited and doctored the video to “prove” their scenario. “HANDS UP DON’T SHOOT” was proven and well documented to be a lie that is still repeated and canonized today to fuel racism. And 9 unarmed Blacks were killed by cops in all of 2019 in the US—Versus 438 Blacks killed by Blacks in Chicago alone in 2019. Try looking up how many cops were killed by Blacks in 2019 and let me know what you find—and then tell me how our news is not being wiped out unless it agrees with their agenda. 
  • I did not care much or study our politics until after I smelled a rat in Bush’s second term, and saw the media making Obama godlike, and then lived the destruction he and the Democrats immediately did to our healthcare, military, and economy to bring America to its knees.  I got really involved after researching through the cover-ups to Hillary getting by with serious felonies and our key Executive agencies being weaponized to destroy any potential opponents.  Then I got mad when I understood how the media, many billionaires,  and foreign governments were involved in setting up Trade deals, pacts, and treaties that the details show were raping our wealth for their benefit by new “laws”, taxes, and international oversight.  All while Americans remained lulled to sleep by “nothing here to see”, and “watch this shiny news bit instead” and most people daily lives were consumed with just providing for their families with so many jobs disappearing, and wages barely keeping pace with inflation—because most are not rich like those pulling the strings.      
  • I grew up when America was truly great—even with its remaining faults.  As an American patriot, I am sick of all this mumbo jumbo politically motivated crap at the expense of all Americans and keeping us from getting back to having happy daily lives and the chance to excel base on our individual merit without the government’s permission, or hand in our pockets, or under the table. Many of you and your children are not old enough to know much more than what you are told or made to believe by the coordinated mainstream and internet media.  I have lived through how great America was and how the Democrats and Rhinos have been Destroying it to gain total power since 1960 (60 years now) by fostering racism, lies, and aligning first the unions and then big business to fill their reelection funds in return for “favors” and  new regulations payoffs. 
  • The truth driving all this greed for political power is that if you already have millions or billions, you can influence government to leave you alone or help you make even more if you pay off the right politicians.  This has been true for thousands of years. If you refuse to see how quickly Venezuela went from riches to starvation, Germany from prosperous to Nazis ruin, Russia from a major power to starving millions of its dissenting citizens and then crumbling into pieces like the Berlin Wall, or even Rome from the total world power to dismantled and plundered by savages after they reduced their military to “save “money and forgot to protect their borders—then I will pray for our country, our leaders, you, and our families even harder. 
  • Will you remain deaf to the open affirmation of all Democrat candidates, including Biden, that they will immediately raise taxes to pay for their idyllic ”free” give-away plans, open borders, close down oil and millions of other jobs asap, and create new Green Jobs for the insiders like they did with the failed Solyndra?  Just their sworn elimination of the Trump tax cuts will raise your taxes back up about $2,500-$4,500 a year for starters.  We have seen and heard what they did and openly declare they will do next, including transforming American into their “new and better—this time—Socialism” as soon as they are elected and—this time—before the GOP or VOTERS get another chance to stop them like we did by electing Trump in 2016.    
  • Google and the other Tech giants, Facebook—Twitter—YouTube, are on the verge of proving that they will have more control over our politicians than the unions because they control the voters with opinion making and censorship.  This will make them $ Trillions more with the donation power to “keep Congress” giving them unchecked power and deregulation.  Most people do not know that Google is not really an American company so it cannot be fully regulated by our Government. Most forget the major role these tech companies played in the “Arab Spring” surprising temporary overthrow of the Egyptian government by the Muslim Brotherhood. Most Americans are just seeing the tip of how they bragged about swaying at least 250,000 votes in key areas in 2016 and plan to make that 3,500,000 or more votes in 2020—with censorship and targeted messaging of “the right messages”. 
  • PLEASE FOLLOW THE MONEY and STOP looking at the “bright shiny things” our media keeps DISTRACTING us with until they can win what they thought they had in the bag with Hillary in 2016.   Lookup the YouTube video “the Red-Green Alliance” and listen closely.  This 2020 election is about whether or not several loose alliances can combine to steal the election with misinformed voters and install themselves as the sole power and hand in the taxpayer’s Treasury for 100 years. 
  • Communist China wants Biden to win to resume their unchecked economic domination of the World that Trump stopped for now.  European leaders want Biden because the Paris Accord and Trade deals Trump stopped “robbed” them of over $30 Trillion from the US economy they would get by holding us to our word while they continue to ignore theirs—like they did with NATO.   Do you still wonder why so many factions and the media pound us daily to “hate Trump” and the Deplorables that voted him into office?  Add in the Muslims with CAIRE, hundreds embedded in our government positions by Obama, and  the published worldwide Muslim Brotherhood meeting and manifesto calling for destroying American from within—and fighting One World Order for overall control later, and we have a Perfect Storm hitting in 2020. Take what Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and other radical Muslims like her say to actually be what they meant to say—and the Democrats to mean what they say–instead of writing off what you can see them saying to you as just some “right wing” conspiracy opposing them.      
  • I urge you to reconsider the PLATFORM we must all vote for in 2020 , and not be distracted by any personality cracks in the candidates that are actually achieving it for us.  That is Trump’s proven platform of “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” and “Put America First”, and certainly not the Democrats platform of “Transform America into a more perfect Socialist Society” run by a group of Elites that will no longer have to worry about what citizen-taxpayer voters want. It is NOT the platform of “America has seen its better days and Americans have to get used to that way of life now” described by President Obama that got President Trump elected to prevent this in the first place. 
  • In a sense, President Trump has waved the “magic wand” President Obama sneered about.  That wand was freeing up Americans to do what we do best by getting the corrupt politicians out of our way, reducing our taxes so we have a better life, and making us feel proud of our country and ourselves again.  Don’t let this be stolen from us again by the Democrat riots, racism in everything, and a coalition with Socialists led by 1960’s Marxist radicals finally taking control in 2020.  Aren’t we still smarter and more loving of our country and freedoms than to let that happen because we did’t look into what the media tells us to believe to find out the truth for ourselves before we vote?