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Dear President Obama—Why I am voting against you having another 4 years to fundamentally change America.

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Real slavery, war against women,  exploitation of the poor and a commitment to wage war to take over countries exists in the Middle East and Africa today—not America.  Radical Islam openly declared war in writing and actions against the US and Israel and killed millions in their quest to install Islam and Sharia in and over all countries.   They hate us because we are the power that stands in the way of the world dominance they are openly committed to achieving.  Yet you blame America as if we started their conflicts, tried to steal their resources, and need to apologize for our people having a better lifestyle than theirs as if our ancestors’ hard work and sacrifices had nothing to do with it.  You allowed our ambassador and their military defenders to be slaughtered in Benghazi, Libya rather than taking action to remind the world that we will not tolerate killing our people for their political or religious causes.  Apparently you also do not understand that it was capitalism and economic growth from investments made in their countries that brought them out of the stone age and introduced them to modern life.  Nor do you seem to care that their dictators keep this wealth for themselves by abusing their people in the name of Islam and Sharia laws that treat women like cattle and Gays and Christians as a blight to be eradicated by conversion or death.

I love our country that you were poisoned against during your youth and have no real understanding of.  You are so about you that you do not understand the tremendous generosity and giving that has been evident by successful Americans since the founding of our country.  We take care of each other and know that government “free care” eventually comes with shackles and loss of freedom.  We only have to look at the crashing Socialist economies in Europe to see that your future for America is one of failure by insisting you are too smart to be wrong—or were taught the wrong things to believe in as a youth and as you “sought out” Marxists and anarchists to associate with in college and spent 20 years in a church that taught “GD America” and whites.  You are blinded by hate/bigotry against—whites, self-made successes, freedom from big government dictates and freedom to rise as far as you individually can—and you bought into the lie of Socialism that only the Elite are intelligent enough to make decisions and should make them for all the less fortunate.  You think anyone who achieves great success must have stolen it from others and therefore does not deserve to keep it—“You didn’t build that.”  And yet you and Michelle are perfect examples that Capitalism and our freedom to rise according to our talents and efforts that made America great and enabled our wealthy to build more and  create the largest Middle Class in the world.

Concerning racism—You  fail to see or cannot admit that the descendants of slaves brought to America that actually pursue the American dream have a much better life than their brethren that were born in Africa today.  So rather than use your Presidency to encourage more Blacks to get a competitive education, then a job, then marry, and then have kids—you teach them that they are victims and owed something for nothing due to the color of their skin and being born in America.  How sad that you are perpetuating the destruction of black families and filling our jails with their youth that do not see the proven causes are ignorance, fatherless families, crime in lieu of work, and blindly depending on the government to do for them what they should be doing for themselves—just like Martin Luther King challenged Blacks to do in his famous “I have a dream” speech.  I don’t know of MLK ever using the term “African-Americans” , but I do know he told them that if they wanted to share in the success of the “Whites” then they needed to do what made them successful too—starting with a real education.

You brought worse change and dashed our hopes for a better Washington, DC—and got the chance because you sealed your history to sell us a lie because you were taught the “ends justify the means” and that Socialism and black redistribution are the only “fair” outcome for the masses.  You have become the “Great Divider” as you pit the poor and middle class against the rich, women against men, blacks and Hispanics against whites, and democrats and unions against everyone else.  You are rotting America from the inside out by selling fear and guilt to all Americans while you further destroy our economy by devaluing our dollar, increasing our dependence on foreign oil, lining your pockets with donations from failed new unproven “green industries” and spending us into oblivion while destroying our military and screaming “tax the rich” .  Meanwhile you know that if you taxed the Rich and most of the Middle Class at 100% you are still spending more than you would take in.  So you are being not truthful to Americans about the economy, nor about Benghazi and our security, and your blockage of quickly developing our own energy resources makes us poorer and at more risk.  So you are like a cancer growing as fast as you can for you, but at the expense of anything healthy that gets in your way.

Too bad you chose to not pass a budget for 4 years so you had a “blank check” to spend, and did not know how to actually do anything you promised to us to get elected , and do not understand the real America.   Maybe that is because you grew up in a Socialist “bubble” in Hawaii and in college and as a community organizer in the corrupt politics of Chicago.

Now you need to go away and let us fix our country.  Enjoy Hawaii with your family, but on the millions you made while in office, not from more tax payer free rides.

A Small Business Owner!

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