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Getting From Trumped Up Crimes To Real Ones That Are Being Ignored

Written on Aug 25th, 2018 by Randy Harod Add / See Member Comments (0)

We need to get  President Trump and AG Sessions to consider this solution.  It seems simple, fast, and direct.

The Deep State cleverly boxed in President Trump so he cannot fire the recused AG, Rosenstein, or Mueller, or stop his “creating” a crime that at least daily paints Trump as a person not to support, or show he can make equal application of the law apply to anyone on the Left.  Both Trump and Sessions are trapped.

••Sessions should agree to immediately do the following, or that he is not doing his job.  This will allow him and Trump to be friends again instead of frustrated by how they were set up.

••Sessions can stay recused from the Russian collusion involving Trump to maintain his integrity, but still has the power to turn this ship around almost immediately.  He should convene and supervise a Grand Jury investigation under a US Attorney and venue he picks to investigate the “Collusion and Conspiracy” between the FBI and DNC during the 2016 election that the public has already heard about —  and wondered how all anyone gets who hated Trump and committed crimes is demotion, or fired with full pension or a GoFundMe.  It does not matter that Sessions was part of the campaign; he still gets to do this AG job and ignore the howls from the Left/media, as this has nothing to do with the Russians or Mueller’s investigation to date.

  1. No one gets immunity and everyone is under oath.  They get leniency only if they immediately tell the truth, and advised they will be hammered if they are exposed by another witness.  A few key witnesses should be raided by Federal Marshals to protect evidence before the cat is out of the bag that they are all in jeopardy.  This might include Fusion GPS,  Debbie Wassermann, and Bruce Ohr (dossier and “rogue” leaks to FBI conspirators).
  2.  They start with Fusion GPS and the dossier the DNC paid for (campaign violation), and using CIA/FBI operatives (Stefan Halper, etc.) in the set ups of Page and Papadopoulos (telling him the Russians had dirt, and then accusing him when he repeats the rumor to Halper) to accuse them of being Russian operatives to create falsified FISA applications to spy on the Trump campaign and create a false narrative to derail his Presidency.  This IS conspiracy and collusion plain for all to see and understand.  Then get testimony that the Democrats (Obama?) set up the “meeting” between the Russian Ambassador and then Senator Sessions so he would have to recuse himself if Trump was elected and Rosenstein would run their show in the DOJ.  Investigate who used the Russian attorney the Democrats brought over and allowed to overstay her visa a year to try to set up Don Jr. with the meeting in Trump Tower to pressure the President by attacking his family with some created crime allegation, and was she on the Democrat’s payroll in any capacity then or now? (Yes, she was.)
  3. Establish the conspiracy within Obama’s CIA, FBI, and DOJ to cover up crimes by Hillary and the DNC and “create” some by the Trump Campaign and supporters during and after the 2016 campaign.  This includes failure to immediately seize and review the compromised DNC servers, Hillary’s servers, all the blackberry devices, and Weiner’s laptop (had copies of Hillary’s classified emails).  It includes their  giving immunity to anyone connected with Hillary and not taking testimony under oath.  Use this to indict Clapper, Comey, Ohr, Peter Strzok / Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, etc.  It does not matter if they are no longer a government employee as that is not a “statute of limitations”.  Use the testimony to further establish that Rosenstein should have recused himself due to the FISA warrant he signed off on and letter recommending firing Comey, and should not have been allowed to appoint anyone to Special Counsel ,including Mueller, as Rosenstein should be one of those investigated.
  4. Nobody’s prior immunity should apply because they were not investigated for these crimes.  And they should be revocable if they were granted under an illegal conspiracy they were involved or participating in.  Who knew what, where, when should indict a lot of people quickly.

••Sessions should convene a separate similar Grand Jury to investigate the Russian Uranium One deal and establish that Clapper and Mueller covered up an undercover agent’s report of bribery, kickbacks , money laundering, and  extortion of US officials to get the deal done.  Sessions should supervise this too.

  1. Mueller and later Loretta Lynch put a gag order on the agent with promise of jail if he talked due to his NDA; especially during the 2016 election campaign.  This guy is protected as a Whistleblower and has since given his evidence and testimony to a lawyer while he recuperates from chemotherapy.  His name is William Campbell.  What happened to his testimony before Congress after President Trump lifted Lynch’s gag order? The evidence and testimony should not be allowed to be buried under the guise of being secret or Classified as the Deep State has done so far to protect the guilty.
  2. It will establish that many of the high officials that signed off on the deal and powerful politicians were aware of the illegal activity.  Mueller and the Clintons and the politicians that took payments should be immediately indicted.
  3. This will expose Mueller’s crime while head of the FBI and should remove him as head of the Special Counsel.  This will broadcast a message that they can no longer protect anyone by improperly Classifying evidence, redacting, losing, slow walking, or otherwise burying evidence on anything.
  4. Or it can be left buried and the Deep State will continue to win by covering up crimes to keep them from the American people and themselves out of jail.

As soon as the first indictments are issued and no later than early October, the Press should be notified of the Grand Juries.  A recap of the evidence being investigated that was already reported over the last 2 years by the Press can be summarized for all to hear.  This summary will swamp the media’s pounding drums on the Stormy Daniels and all the other unproven suspicions they are inundating us with every day.  This should become a call to arms to get all patriots to come vote for the GOP in November so President Trump can finish draining the Swamp and some guilty “high ups” finally get sent to jail according to the laws we have to abide by.

I am one of the 65 million Deplorables who are sick of this and want someone to fight back NOW — AND STOP BEING AFRAID OF THE ELECTION before the never ending “next chance to impeach”  theories  from the media becomes deafening. Please pass this on.

P.S.  President Trump should send someone he can trust to talk to Julian Assange about his claim he did not get Podesta’s emails from the Russians—with an offer of Whistleblower immunity in 2019 if he will publish what actually happened again.  The prior claim is he sent someone to a park in DC at night to get a flash drive with the emails passed on by a disgruntled DNC member. Assange can keep that name private for protection if he can provide corroborating evidence.  The common thought is that the flash drive originally came from Seth Rich, a Bernie Sanders supporter, who was furious how the DNC stole the nomination from Bernie.  According to the DC police, Seth Rich was shot in the back and killed by a robber who did not take anything including his cash or expensive watch.  Maybe they are not connected, BUT, Assange can end the false narrative that WikiLeaks got the emails from Russian hackers and destroy any claim the GOP was involved, or that Mueller’s flimsy indictments of Russians disproves Assange’s claims of firsthand knowledge.   More on this US Press cover up from a foreign news source here :

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