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Are the Democrats Selecting Your Republican Candidate for 2012?

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To the Left, it is one thing to make Obama a one term President like Michelle Bachmann touts, but it is almost unthinkable to have their Socialist Agenda dismantled before their very eyes in 2013.
So whatever Republican ideas that might catch on and override their Progressive Democrat agenda must be dragged through the mud now.  And whatever Republican candidate seems most likely to be dedicated to getting us back to what made America great, must be destroyed, and replaced with a candidate they like better.

No where is “All is fair in love and war” more true than in politics.  In 2007/2008 the Democrats waged a successful campaign to help select John McCain as the Republican Primary winner.  Their online media (like Move and mainstream media (like MSNBC) were generally favorable of McCain until after he won his primary.  Often, where allowed by state laws, the Democrats even voted in Republican primaries with the expressed goal of helping McCain become their Republican opponent.  Besides being confident they could beat McCain, even if they didn’t he was so moderate that many of the goals of the Left would still be serviced if he became President.  For example, they helped gloss over the McCain-Feingold bill (see http://fix-the-mccain-feingold-law ) that was later exposed as a disaster for the Republicans.  Democrats also gave favorable coverage to the McCain-Kennedy Immigration bill that would have given citizenship to almost all illegal aliens (see ).

The prior proven successful Democrat strategy for Primary Elections has 3 main parts. 

  1. Keep mostly silent about or praise some aspects of the Republican candidate they would like to run against until the primary is mostly decided.  (Like McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2011.)
  2. Re-start pre-selling that Republican opponents are always racist (against the black voter), want to destroy Social Security and Medicare (against the elderly), for evil big business (against the unions), and for the rich (uncaring about the poor).
  3. Start early and often pointing out the personal “shortfalls and mistakes” of the candidate that would help build Republican momentum for their platform or that the Left fears the most.  (Like Sarah Palin in 2008 and Newt Gingrich in 2011.)  Encourage Republicans to jump on this bandwagon as they support their initial favorite candidate over others running in the primaries.

Based on the news coverage of the debt ceiling and most other political items, it seems obvious to me that these Democrat drums are already geared up for the 2012 election strategy and beating loudly.

As an example, let’s look at the media coverage and word of mouth attempted assassination of Newt Gingrich’s primary so far and why. 

  • FEAR  On his website and in all of the debates so far, Newt shared specific details about how to quickly fix our economy, dismantle most of the damage done by Obama with Obamacare, get rid of his 38 Czars, and numerous Executive Orders to bypass the Republican elected majority in the House.  Most of us are aware of the waivers given Obama’s “friends” exempting them from Obamacare, and we know about some of his 94 new regulations through Executive Orders, and some even know about the 38 Czars and how they have more unilateral power than Bush’s 33 Czars had.  (see )  Unless they can stop him from being elected, it is clear Newt knows how to make Congress dismantle the destructive fundamental change of America from Individual Freedom to Big Government that is being installed under Obama. 
  • PUSH HIS PERSONAL SHORTFALLS” or create them in the eyes of Republicans; especially those who are loyal to another candidate. 

 Let’s look a little deeper into the “word on the street” about Newt Gingrich to better understand why we must not get sucked into not thinking for ourselves and thereby help Obama get re-elected. 

 “Newt made mistakes as Speaker of the House that hurt Republicans.”  This usually refers to his being Speaker while the Government actually shut down twice during the Clinton Presidency.  The Left leaves out that this was what finally forced Clinton back to the middle and agreeing to Welfare Reform, etc. that the Left hated.  Instead they remind Republicans that Clinton’s popularity surged back up to its highest point after the shutdowns.  Like Obama, Clinton was a master of redirecting blame, but most Republicans know Clinton was going to be re-elected anyway.  Making mistakes is how we get better, or you can have someone like Obama who mostly voted “Present” and avoided being under closer scrutiny or our knowing just what he meant when he said “Hope and Change.”  Unlike Obama, Newt’s extensive record is out there for everyone to see, and he talks very openly about what he learned from his mistakes.

“Newt has been married one time too many for the Christian Right Republicans.”  While this is a great scare tactic, just as Obama’s raise the debt ceiling or you may not get paid Social Security was, it does not hold up after even a little thought.  First, most Christians believe in “forgiveness” and Newt has publically said he has asked his Maker for it.  Second, he has been married to Callista, for over 11 years now and it is obvious they are devoted to each other.  So this is just the Democrats and some Republicans trying to use Christianity against any Christian candidate.  Watch out for Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann to be next for some Christian value bashing.

 “Newt was a traitor for making a Climate Change commercial with Nancy Pelosi.”  A little research will show that Newt said it was an issue we needed to carefully consider, but the Left took the commercial and linked it to Al Gore’s website and tried to use Newt’s image to help make Climate Change a crisis.  Some are still hammering Newt for this. While others say this “American Enterprise Institute resident environmental expert Kenneth Green was more forgiving, telling The DC that the climate debate should not be a good-guy-versus-bad-guy conversation, and that politically, inter-party efforts can result in criticism.  “Cross-aisle efforts do put you at risk of being, not so much seduced, but misused,” said Green. “If you are not careful you can agree to work with someone, assuming that they are working in good faith, when in fact what they want to do is to use what you’re going to give them to portray you in a false light. I don’t know if that is what happened to Newt or not, but I’ve seen it happen before.” Read more:  No one who has listened to Newt then or now would say he was ever for Cap and Trade—like Pelosi, Gore, and Obama tried to use the phony science of Global Warming to pass through Congress and the commercial to try to say the Republicans supported it too.  (see )

 “Newt is just another politician and we need someone with fresh ideas who is truthful with us.”  The record shows that Newt is also called “hard to get along with” because he stuck to promises in the Contract With American he helped draft to get Republicans elected and fought Congress to get real change passed by Congress while he was Speaker.  The two charges contradict each other and serve as a good example of political pundits redefining strengths into conceived weaknesses to put down a candidate.  If Obama has taught us anything, it is that we need a lot more experience to get out of this mess than Obama has, and it is actual policies and beliefs that count, not media hype and accusations.

 “Add it all together and Newt is unelectable” feeds on the Republican’s desire to have almost anyone other than Obama as President in 2013 and fear of losing in 2012.  While this has been very effective so far, as it was against President Reagan at this time in the Primaries, it doesn’t take a genius to see why it is simply not true.  No one has been more outspoken the past 4 years about stopping the “nonsense” in Washington of ignoring our Constitution, Congress, and the voters than Newt, and fixing this is exactly what most voters want done.  Even before we listen to what Newt has to say and look closely at his political record, this “charge” is more of an argument to elect Newt than not to.  After all, the moderates and Independent swing voters are much more interested in policy than smear tactics and no Republican candidate is going to get much of the 40% vote locked up by the Democrats anyway (see earlier Listen or Leave article “Unless YOU educate your friends to stop them in 2012).  And mark my words that you will start hearing this “unelectable” label being applied to other Republicans the Left does not like in the future.

Let’s be smarter this time and not reinforce the adage that Republicans eat their own while Democrats circle the wagons around their candidates no matter what they did.  Doesn’t it strike you odd that almost everyone says how smart they know Newt Gingrich is and that he is an expert on history—the same history that proves Socialism always fails, and what past Presidents did to get America back on track?  And yet we are being told we would be wasting our vote to even consider him.

The bottom line is that it is critical that we do not get duped by the media into not doing our own research and making up our own minds on every Republican Presidential candidate—or the Democrats will pick our primary winner for us.  The election is still a long way off in the future.  I strongly urge you go to to read what Newt Gingrich actually stands for and his detailed plans as President, do the same for the other Republican candidates at their websites, and then listen to see how sincere they are in the upcoming debates.  Primaries are meant to define our candidates and the Republican platform after listening to different Republican viewpoints, not for the media to destroy them before we learn more about them.  Who cares what any Democrat says about any Republican—they won’t vote for one no matter who it is anyway.

Make no mistake about it.  The Democrats are doing everything they can to put you back to sleep, destroy any dissenters pointing out facts like most candidates and the Tea Party are doing, and counting on putting you down as racists, anti-American, and whatever else you will buy into so they win just one more time.  We either win in 2012, or the Obama changes will become so integrated into law that we may never get them changed back—just like the Progressives/Socialists planned all along and why the rest of Obamacare does not kick in until 2014 after the elections.


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