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Weiner and His Supporters Prove Why We Must Elect More Moral People to Congress in 2012—Like the Tea Party Did In 2010

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Anyone who will say anything to stay in office, will say anything to get in power too.
If I can lie, lie, lie to cover up my bad behavior, I can lie, lie, lie telling you why something is good for you when the real issue is getting elected or a favor for my friends or party.  “Kickbacks” come in the form of being “awarded” bigger committees to chair for getting a law passed as well as big bucks behind the scenes.  This gets them more publicity and a better chance of re-election.  So “say whatever you have to” becomes acceptable rather than the lie they know inside it really is.  After awhile, lying is just business as usual on the Hill until a new broom sweeps a new majority of young politicians into power.

As an example, our entire economic disaster is one big government “lie” and cover up.
PHASE I–THE CRASH    The crash of 2008 was not due to greedy big corporate business.  It is due to insider manipulation of the stock market including deregulating hedge funds so they could sell short.  Repeated selling short (guaranteeing to buy at a preset lower price) in a short period of time is what drove prices down so fast and crashed the stock market.  At the same time, politicians like Barney Frank were telling us Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were just fine–while the housing market crashed due to NINJA loans being given as demanded by the new 2006 Democratic Congress during their bank and other business hearings.  NINJA is the term bankers gave to No Income, No Job, No Asset loans they were told to make to minorities and first time home buyers–or else.  Almost none of us tax payers got these benefits that are being paid for with our bail out tax dollars.  (Some videos of these hearings where lenders were threatened and chastised may still be online.)

PHASE II–THE “NO” Recovery Yet Spending   While 15,000,000 million of us were trying to find new jobs and millions of other people were struggling to keep the one they had, only 1% new jobs were created to hire us.  In stark contrast, our Federal Government increased its hiring to over 21,000,000 employees.  Historically, more government employees mean more votes for whoever is in office.  Right now 16% of all registered voters work for the government, most have spouses, so that suggests a pool of about 30% of the voters that will vote to keep their “free give-away” politicians in both parties in power.

Click here to see how the game has been played for way too many years now.

Economic recovery will only happen after we finish electing a majority of newcomers to Congress.
The last 3 years should prove that we must elect more moral people who are not already corrupted over time or controlled by the “old timers” and power brokers in the Democrat and Republican Parties.  We have to stop the vote buying we watched used to get new legislation passed, and get new officials who have not already learned how to get kick backs without going to jail.  Otherwise there is simply too much money for most established politicians to overcome the temptation of greed they were taught by the old timers in office when they were first elected.  Two $trillion in new spending for almost no results should be enough poof for most of us to accept that this cycle of lies, deception, and behind closed door deals must be broken now–before our government becomes “Too Big To Fail” and we are all working 2 jobs to support our tax burdens and life style.

Why does most of the Left and a lot of the Right fear or attack the Tea Party so angrily?
The Tea Party is a new voice to expose the lies and sound bites of the established political parties.  It is a grass roots movement started by everyday people sick of the policies and misspending (like shown in the link above) ruining their lives while they are being ignored and lied to by the politicians in power.  This also helps explain why so many Tea Party members are senior citizens.  They have seen this done to them before, like the “Hillary (Clinton) Care” they blocked in 1993-1994 so they would not have disastrous socialized medicine like the ObamaCare that was crookedly passed through Congress in 2010.

Therefore, many old time politicians in both parties “hate” the Tea Party because it is educating the younger voters who were sucked into the sound bites and class warfare politicians created to hide the truth of what they are really doing.  If they can not shut the Tea Party up and keep it from growing, they will lose control of the House and Senate to the newly elected Independents and Conservatives in both parties in 2012.  The last time this happened in the US was in the 1840-1850’s when the Federalists and the Democrats-Republicans split into the Whigs, Democrats, and Republicans.

The Tea Party also gives citizens a means of running for election without being dependent on the powerful central Democratic and Republican leadership that controls all the campaign funds for potential new candidates.  So now Conservatives and Independents in particular can raise funds and run on whatever campaign issues they want–instead of only the ones promoted by the old Parties in order to get money and support.  Otherwise, new elected Congressmen, like those who put the Democrats back in power in the House 2006, can be told they will never get funds to be re-elected unless they vote exactly like their party leaders like Nancy Pelosi tells them to vote–no matter what they promised their voters to get elected the first time.

So, just like new media outlets have taken the “King Making” power away from the old ABC, NBC, CBS, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, etc. established media, the Tea Party is stripping controls from the old Democrat and Republican Parties who have had a stranglehold on our lives and pocketbooks for the past 60 years.

Don’t be fooled in 2012.  Listen to all the new candidates and get rid of as many 4 and 5 term Congressmen and 3 or more term Senators as possible.  We have nothing to lose, and can take back our prior better lifestyle and full employment we used to have.  For example, let’s elect $2 per gallon of gas politicians, instead of accepting we will pay $5 to $7 because some special interest group says we have to save the ozone layer all by ourselves–while China and the rest of the world buys up all the new oil they can get their hands on.  Let’s elect people who will close the borders for real security, fix illegal immigration and its $billions a year drain on our economy, and enforce our laws on everyone, including our leaders who have been some of the worst offenders.  It is past time to dump special interest groups by dumping everyone with their hand out or bank account open behind the scenes.

So how did we get so many immoral people elected into office?
Over the years, the major parties top management become fixated to stay in power.  Dropping basic values becomes as common as women dropping more and more clothes to be the “hottest” model or movie star or new TV sensation.  Unless we clean house every 20 to 40 years, the major parties mutate into pure power systems more involved in staying in power than serving us.  We are at another of those times.

So why haven’t we “thrown the bums out” before now?
Because, before the “Tea Party” the Campaign Issues were all chosen and publicized by the two major parties and their supportive media outlets; using clever commercials repeated like brain washing over many years, and designed to pit people against each other rather than stop and  look closely at the issues.  Children and young adults have been taught class warfare and to hate Capitalism since the 1960’s by the fringe Socialist advocates who have infiltrated both parties and much of our college school system.  I used to think this was just a conspiracy theory until so many politicians and government officials became so bold as to openly profess their belief in Maxism and Socialism under their retitled “Progressive” movement.  Fortunately, we do not have to waste a lot of time on them as individuals if we concentrate on taking away their control of our election system and then school systems–and send the politicians who cater to them home to new careers in 2012.

What we voters really need are candidates who say what they believe especially when it is currently unpopular with a number of voters.  If not, after a few elections all the politician does is vote for what he thinks will raise the most money or make him the most popular in the news to get him re-elected .  More and more votes on new bills are purchased by special interest groups because the public is still “buying” whatever lies they are told until a rare crisis points out the truth.  Haven’t we been living that crisis the past 5 years?

We need this country to return to the moral values and accountability that made us great in the first place.  We need new officials that challenge bills to be ethical, based on the Constitution, and that support liberty and justice for all–including the majority of us tax payers–not just the special interest groups who are bleeding us dry. We must return to living with the values that are outlined so clearly in our Constitution that made this country great .  To do this, we must stop allowing our government to do whatever those in current power choose to do to us to increase their power, buy votes with our taxes to insure their re-election, or to achieve their radical agendas over the will of the majority of voters because they are ignoring us, or the President is ignoring Congress.  A brief look at history will convince you that this is exactly what American voters did when they replaced Woodrow Wilson (an outspoken “Progressive”) with Andrew Harding in 1920 and fixed their recession in 12 short months with new conservative leadership in the Congress and Presidency.  Maybe we were “fooled again” because this happened so long ago we forgot what Progressives really stand for and how their idealistic policies already failed in the US. 

Let us not be fooled anymore.  The “P” in Progressives in both parties really stands for POWER.
They are all about giving the Federal Government as much power over everything as possible so they stay in power and milk the system to get and stay rich.  We are  supposed to just shut up and pay our taxes like the ignorant little people they insist we are.   Amnesty for illegal aliens is about buying their votes with 100’s of billions of our tax dollars–not compassion for the poor or depressed who are not making the effort to fix the government in their own native country.  Obamacare is about killing the incentive to work for a private company because they give you healthcare and so you become ever more dependent on government than yourself–not about health care for everyone.  Green jobs are about creating new industries politicians and their special interest backers can control with new laws because they can not take over oil and coal like Venezuela and China have done–not about saving the planet.   Not drilling for oil is not about the planet–it is about making us so energy starved that we “have” to have other energy and are willing to pay double to have enough for our lives.  Follow the money and it becomes easier and easier to read between the lies and deceptions of most politicians and radical “do gooders”.   Real public servants find ways to serve to make our lives better–not to take our lifestyles and freedoms away from us.  It is time to dump the old timers and elected some bright, honest, new faces with an honest desire to serve and not just use their office to get rich or famous.  It is time to recognize that Weiner asked his Party to help him find another job before he agreed to step down–because he has no other experience or training to use to feed his family.  Really?  So why was he hand picked to probably become the Mayor of  New York City?   We have to elect honest people with real life experience if we hope to have them vote like we need for our lives and not feather their own nests with half truths they can get us to believe about how great and compassionate of others they are and what great public servants they are–like Weiner did.

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