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Why Democrat and Republican Establishments Are Trying To Prevent Any True Conservative Becoming The Republican Nominee In 2012

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I think it was Ben Franklin who said “A Democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what to eat.  A Republic is a well-armed sheep contesting the vote.
I urge you to arm yourself with the facts before the establishment wolves and media steer another election their way.  

A little personal research will quickly establish that 99% of the blather about the Iowa and New Hampshire primary results is hype designed to pick your candidate based on who they say will most likely win the nomination.  These states represent about 1.5% of the delegates that will decide the next Republican Presidential candidate.  Ask yourself, what sane person does not understand that there must be a hidden agenda to try to sell that these two non-Republican states mean we should automatically crown Romney or ignore everyone else while Huntsman and Ron Paul are touted to divide the Conservative vote so no one else gets 30% or more to be seen as a serious contender—and gets more media time?  If you have not already drunk the Kool Aid, do your research and vote on principles, rather than join the latest poll results and the media’s “projected winner” winning team for your bragging rights—like they are counting on Americans to do again—like gave us McCain—like gave us Obama.

Before we lose our country—here is what every voter needs to understand so they commit to voting most old time politicians out of office in both Parties in 2012. 

  1. We already know President Obama and at least 2 Republican Presidential candidates plan on reducing our military to a second rate power, and further undermining our security by keeping us dependent on foreign oil produced by our enemies—and therefore helping them fund more terrorists with our oil purchases.
  2. We already know that self-branded “Progressives” in both Parties are fundamentally changing the USA to become more like Europe—which is already going broke with Socialist policies our Congress seems hell bent on making the law here too.
  3. We already know President Obama and the Senate fought to raise the Debt Ceiling another $1.4 Trillion so he could continue his spending spree at least through 2012.
  4. We already know that key old timers in both Parties are trying to grant Amnesty to 15,000,000 illegal aliens to buy their votes and help them stay in power longer.
  5. THEREFORE—OUR BIGGEST PROBLEM IS ACCEPTING that many old time politicians Love Money more than their country, Believe Their Own Lies, or Really Do Hate the USA that most of us Americans love and many have died to preserve.

Most voters understand that Washington DC is broken and is destroying the USA we love more and more after each election.  For decades our Congress and Presidents have raided the Treasury to buy votes, payoff friends, and secure kickbacks so they also become rich.  They have even passed special laws for themselves like permitting them to legally do insider trading that we have been jailed for doing.  Both Political Parties have taken turns running our government like it is their personal “get rich playground” and essentially told us to shut up because they know better than we do—while they continue to eliminate the Middle Class by bleeding us dry with higher spending and higher taxes and blaming the problems on whoever was previously in office.

In 2000, we elected President Bush and more Republicans who ran up the National Debt a staggering $3 Trillion in 8 years, followed by President Obama and more Democrats in 2008 who ran up the National Debt a super staggering $4 Trillion in 3 years so far.  Since we have spent $1.3 Trillion on the “war on terror” in the last 10 years, it should be obvious the main culprit is ever increasing government spending that blew the other $6 Trillion despite all the campaign promises from both Parties.  Remember this simple principle: they have to spend more to keep the votes they bought before, and to make sure they get even richer in the future.

In 2010, millions of Americans in both parties turned out at Town Hall meetings to tell their elected politicians that enough was enough—and then proved they meant it by kicking the Democrats out of control of the House while electing more real fiscal Conservatives.  Since then, most of the media has branded these patriots the “Tea Party” and done everything they can to discredit them as terrorists, bigots, radicals, kooks, dummies, and anything else that seemed to stick to downplay them.  Desperate to keep the Tea Party from growing into a controlling factor in 2012 elections, the Democrats embraced even the filth in some of the Occupy Wall Street participants to help them attack capitalism and try to blame the unemployment on the rich (and therefore Republicans).  The main stream media sold this hype for months, until it could no longer cover over that the real organizers in the OWS movement were hardcore Socialists or self-avowed Communists—much like the Muslim Brotherhood was the real organization behind the overthrow of the Egyptian government last summer.

With the Tea Party seemingly discredited and taken out of the news, next the Established Politicians in both Parties and their media mouthpieces turned their considerable power on preventing any real Conservative from being the next Republican Presidential Candidate. 

If you are still committed to thinking for yourself, you will easily see why this is the only way they can guarantee that they will stay in power and prevent a real Conservative from uniting voters to elect enough new Representatives and Senators and a President to: 

  1. Actually pass Term Limits which will kick the old timers out of office by 2016 or sooner.
  2. Discard regulations, Executive Orders, and some laws so we can supply our own lower cost energy and create millions of new jobs very quickly that are not controlled by our Government.  (Consider this.  Politicians have been unable to nationalize—take over—our oil industry or to pass a $0.50 per gallon Federal Tax increase.  So the only way they can cash in on more US energy is to raise gas prices so high that the new “Green Energy” they approve fills their campaign coffers like Solyndra backers did.  It doesn’t matter that they fail or cost jobs like ruined Europe as much as it does to seize control of the new US energy spending they are prevented from having as long as oil and coal are our major sources. It is a con job to say we have to save the environment while Europe and China are buying up all the oil they can get their hands on—even off our own Florida shores.
  3. Quickly create millions more new jobs that are not dependent on the Federal Government by making our corporate taxes competitive with the rest of the world and passing a Flat or Fair Tax most studies show should create 15 Million new private industry (capitalism based) new jobs within 2 to 4 years.  Americans are still the most productive and cost efficient workers in the world, but we need old and new manufacturing to return to our states.  How else is a non-college grad going to find a job now or in the future?  But if capitalism instead of government controls those jobs, then our politicians, their insider friends, and lobbyists cannot scrape their “fair share” off the top.
  4. Truly regulate Wall Street by auditing and curtailing the Federal Reserve by stopping the insider agreements to print more money, stop committing US banks to fund saving European banks with the International Money Fund, and find the missing $13 Trillion they authorized.  Isn’t it almost unbelievable that our Congress is currently prevented from auditing an independent appointed Federal Reserve that essentially controls our economy that is still out of control after 3 years and $2 Trillion with almost no results?
  5. Actually fix the Home Mortgage crisis and prevent the next predicted crash in 2013 (right after elections) by exposing where the hundreds of $billions lost by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac went, and getting the Government out of owning our home mortgages and banks.  How are you “free” when the Government controls your home and your job?
  6. Put fear back into all “would be” politicians who want to get elected to become rich instead of to be public servants.  Did you know that several of the new 2010 so called Tea Party members of the House actually sleep in their offices to keep their campaign promises to cut wasteful government spending?

The first thing to do is to stop buying into that everything that disagrees with the main stream media is a conspiracy theory.  Then pay closer attention to who they are directly or indirectly promoting to be your next Republican Presidential Candidate.  Start by noticing the ridiculous questions asked at the Debates by ABC and MSNBC that have nothing to do with items 1-6 above and everything to do with making out whoever answers their question to be almost evil to on looking voters.  Candidates don’t need to be restricted by the questions to commenting on each other and discussing social issues like birth control.  Debates are supposed to be about what the candidates want to discuss to show voters what they stand for and will do if elected—not responses to hand-picked Democrat issues like whether or not states should have control over if contraceptives are issued to people.  We will get enough of that when they are running against Obama.

Next, note how cleverly the questions are posed to pit the Conservatives against each other and to make long term Moderates like Huntsman and Romney look like “America’s Choice” and the only hope to defeat Obama.  Seriously, anyone left standing will most likely defeat Obama once they start campaigning on the real issues like the economy, maintaining our Defense capabilities, and re-establishing the US as someone to be paid attention to by the world of terrorists again.  Does anyone not get that the “Independent” voters in Iowa and New Hampshire include a lot of Democrats who have no one to vote for in their primary this year?

Instead of being afraid any of our candidates might lose, we should be more afraid that the truly strongest Conservative doesn’t win.  The biggest key to defeating Obama this time around is the candidate with the most obvious differences to everything Obama stands for and has shoved down America’s throat with the help of the Senate.  If you dig a little deeper before the critical South Carolina and Florida primaries, you will find that Romney is a deer in headlights when off message (see the Saturday 1/7/2011 debate in NH), note how much time Huntsman was given, and that Ron Paul thinks our military should be gutted because we do not need to be capable of fighting wars in 2 places at one time.  Paul also made it clear that his main objective is to have his key issues accepted by the winner to get his support.  Do your own research too.  We have everything to lose in 2012.

  • checked Romney’s 100,000 jobs claim earlier this week and found it to be “unproven and questionable.”
  • Ron Paul and Barney Frank joined forces to cut $1 Trillion from military spending and blogs document that these two recommended a panel of 14 to decide where the cuts are made—of which 11 have direct ties to George Soros
  • Did anyone catch that the democratic black woman commentator after the Saturday night debate spilled the beans on the WH strategy? She said something to the effect that the WH will be happy because Romney won the debate and that is who Obama wants to go against in the election because Romney is the weakest. That directly contradicts what the dems are always saying, that they fear Romney the most. Do the OPPOSITE, They WANT to go against Romney because of healthcare and they can say he is the rich 1%.

Remember, if Obama loses, a moderate will make fewer changes to Obama’s reign than any Conservative experienced in how Congress works.  

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