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Making it easy to know who to vote OUT this November

Written on Oct 11th, 2010 by Guest Add / See Member Comments (0)

ALL INCUMBENTS WHO –are saying you or their opponent must be stupid and are scary if you don’t think like them and  like whatever they say the government needs to do for you next that you used to do for yourself. 

 ALL INCUMBENTS WHO –voted for ObamaCare without demanding to read the bill first.

ALL INCUMBENTS WHO –have supported giving amnesty to all illegal aliens OR joined the attack on Arizona for trying to protect its legal citizens whose taxes are paying the bills for their state’s illegals. 

ALL INCUMBENTS WHO –want Cap and Trade to pass and increase your energy costs without benefit to you as the government takes over that part of the US economy next. 

ALL INCUMBENTS WHO –say the US needs to be more like the UN and Europe. OR that you need to be taxed more to raise prices so you will use less of the world’s resources and distribute a larger portion of your paycheck to those less fortunate. (Interpretation: be punished for having too much in your life while so many people in the world have so little–including those who could work, but are content to live off of what the government gives them rather than be forced to work for a living to get by like you do.)

 ALL INCUMBENTS WHO — are trying to pass bills to raise your taxes that they will use to pay for the underfunded union retirement and medical plans.   

ALL INCUMBENTS WHO –have been in Washington for 2 or more years UNLESS their voting record clearly shows they are against higher spending, higher taxes, more government control, AND ARE FOR secure borders, enforcing our laws the same on everyone, creating jobs instead of more people collecting food stamps and unemployment, and doing what they promised to do when trying to get elected.

ALL INCUMBENTS WHO — voted lock-step with Obama/Pelosi/Reid are not to be trusted to vote like their state wanted them to.  OR are lying to their voters for more money, power and prestige for themselves at the expense of everyday working people.

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