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Are you just hoping not to be the one to get killed, or robbed by our government?

Written on Oct 10th, 2015 by Randy Harod Add / See Member Comments (0)

Who are you today?

  • If you knew ISIS was cutting your head off next in line, would you do nothing or take at least one with you?
  • If you were on flight 93 on 9/11, would you just wait until you died in the crash, or rush the terrorists and hope to save yourself AND hundreds on the ground?
  • Would you rush into the Twin Towers to help try to save people, or would you run away and cry over your close call?
  • If you were in a classroom where a killer was killing people one at a time, or on a French train with a terrorist, would you cower hoping he runs out of bullets before he gets to you, or would you join others in rushing to stop him and the killing?
  • Are you helpless, or do the killers need to fear immediate retaliation that just MIGHT discourage him from going to a gun free zone to express his anger and kill innocents to get in the headlines and his manifesto published, or to hurt others to “get even” for his hurt?
  • Can a reigning politician shred our Constitution and government take whatever money and freedoms they choose from us, or are you still part of  “We the People” in charge of this country?

Just asking!!  And what have you or the colleges taught your children?

By the way, the key reason Japan, which had over 30,000 troops massed on the Aleutian islands off Oregon before Pearl Harbor, gave for not invading the USA was their spies learned that every citizen was armed and they did not have to amass an army to kill their invaders.

Just saying!!  How were you raised, and what have the media and anti-gun liberals put in your head?  And yes, almost every tyranny started with disarming the population to make citizens fear them and cower to ever more humiliating government demands. That’s what our forefathers fled to America to escape and protect future generations from having to live under.  Are you going to quietly just let them kill your freedoms?  You might as well resign yourself to eventual slavery, or hope you outlive it.

Vote in 2016 for those who will stop this nonsense and fix our corrupt government before it is too late for everyone—just like those who hoped they would not be killed, or he would run out of bullets before the killer got to them.

Our future freedom demands:

  • Term Limits
  • The Fair Tax
  • Secure borders
  • Sending home 30 million illegals and exposing that there are no legal “anchor babies” born to illegals.
  • A 20% cut in Federal spending by not hiring replacements for 10 years, plus a real 1% annual decrease in most Departments 2016 budgets for 10 years, and until we have a balanced budget that is paying down the national debt.
  •  Re-establish the pledge of allegiance and prayer in public schools, and debunk the lie that no religion is allowed on any public property (separation of church from any government matter is not in the Constitution, but keeping Government out of free practice of any religion anywhere is).
  • Enforce that everyone has to obey our laws or get the prescribed consequences; especially politicians that should be held to a higher standard to represent the voters.
  • No one ever gets to run for public office again with all of their personal records not available for scrutiny by the voters.

Work, speak out, and make 2016 voters show up and take back our country and freedom.

Here is some very straight talk and common sense that blows away the media trying to sell that we should just politely die quietly unless the government saves us.

Know that you are not alone by speaking out and seeing who agrees with you, instead of cowering in silence for fear of being called names and attacked because you disagree with the outspoken PC police.  There is a reason 75% of all Americans polled opposed Obamacare and the Iran deal.  Silence is why we got both disasters anyway–so far.  Speaking up is the first step to get rid of them and the corruption in Washington DC.

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