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How to Elect Your Candidates in 2010 Without $$Millions in Donations

Written on Aug 17th, 2010 by Randy Harod Add / See Member Comments (0)

Since the first televised Presidential debate in 1960, it has become almost mandatory for candidates to spend $$Millions in advertising to get elected.  They advertise to create name recognition on the ballot and to educate the voters on why they are the better candidate for the job.  Today’s Congressmen and Senators spend too much of their time raising money for their re-elections instead of doing their jobs.  Much of that money comes from Lobbyists and Special Interest groups and gives them tremendous power over new legislation and our everyday lives and wallets. 

 November 2010 elections are a perfect time to break this money monopoly over elections and vote in the candidates “We the People” really want to represent us.  This is especially important in electing new Tea Party, Independents, and Constitutional Conservatives over any traditional party-line candidates supported by Democrats and Republicans and their established multi-media fund raising programs.  Fortunately there is a relatively easy way to do this without having to spend most of your time raising money for your candidates—and probably not raising enough to compete with the party-line candidates’ spending. 

 Instead of using your time to raise money, invest your time in “Raising Votes” for your candidates using some simple new techniques and the Internet.  Because friends know they can trust each other, the most effective advertising campaign in America is still recommendations from friends to friends.  The rule of thumb is that if someone likes something they will recommend it to 5 of their friends and if they don’t, they will tell 12 friends to avoid it.  As a result or their recommendations, most of their friends will either try the product or avoid it and tell others about it too.  When you tell 5 close friends who tell 5 other of their close friends who tell 5 more other friends, etc., this is called viral marketing and can result in 1 person influencing literally thousands of other people based on their recommendation. 

 For example, 1 person who tells 5, who tell 5 and so on 3 more times can line up 15,625 votes for a candidate for every person who starts this viral marketing for them.  So, 100 people with different friends could raise as many as 1.5 million votes for their candidates.  And it is a lot easier to get people to pass on facts and recommendations about a candidate than it is to get them to ask their friends to send money and ask their friends to send money too. 

 So what you need is a system that makes it easy to do this without having to spend a lot of your time or money collecting facts and contacting your friends.  This is where the new Voting Group Email system can help you build your own local voting group and a powerhouse influence on the November elections.  The system is free for everyone to join a Group and use after it is started by 2 Premium or 4 Regular Members (Group Founders) who are in charge of their Voting Group and emails.  There are no additional costs other than the Group Founder’s memberships no matter how many emails are sent.  People wishing to join your group are automatically asked to “opt in” to receive your Group emails (for legal purposes) and can opt out at any time in the future.  When any Group Founder wants to send an email, they log in, click on their Group and an email form comes up with everyone currently opted in their group email address already filled in.  Cut and paste or write in the content of your email and click on send and ListenOrLeave sends it to everyone for you.  Founders can review prior emails they sent or add their name to the mailing list to put copies on their computers.  All accounts are monitored to insure the emails are being used for voting groups and not soliciting business or other unintended uses. 

 Then you need a way to keep the chain of friends up to date and committed to voting for the candidate this November.  Again, the ListenOrLeave Group Email system is ideal to make it easy for you and your friends to do this.  Since the Founder’s email is openly listed on all outgoing emails, anyone in your group can send you new information on your candidates, the opposition, or data you can review and quickly send to everyone in your group if the Founders feel it would help the group.  You can also use it to ask your members to find more new members and give them suggestions that have worked for others so far.  Or you can suggest they read the latest article on ListenOrLeave or other blogs to learn more about a topic and send their thoughts to you.  NOTE: articles are free for anyone to read and all members can post their personal comments on the website articles for everyone to read. 

 The Group Email system is a new feature on ListenOrLeave which is dedicated to “Empowering Voters to Reform Congress” starting this November.  Members receive many other benefits to help them do this including seeing how their Congressman and both Senators voted on key legislation and the ability to fax all 3 of them how to vote 50 times a year with a couple clicks on any article of particular interest to them.  Visit the website to see all the benefits and tools to educate voters and amass millions of votes for the most worthy candidates starting this November. 

 Yes—you—just one person with one vote—now have a powerful new way to get heard and make a major difference before it is too late for all us regular working folks and patriots.  Note: ListenOrLeave does not support any political party or activist group.  However, we are firm believers in our Constitution and that it is based on our Founding Fathers’ brilliance in stopping the Ruling Class Elites from ever enslaving the common man like was done to them in the countries they left behind to find freedom in America.  We believe the only way to stop most of the current politicians from ignoring or destroying our Constitution is to vote them out of office and put in new people held responsible for voting like they promised they would before they are re-elected.  We believe the USA is at a critical survival crossroads in the next 6 months and is our contribution to empower the people again before and after the elections.  We hope you will use it to elect candidates that truly represent you and what you want America to be for your family, friends, and generations to come.

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