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ListenOrLeave.com was put together to help you make a difference in American politics today.  We designed the site to make it easier to have your voice heard and to encourage tens of thousands of other voters to do the same.  We have no Political Party affiliation, but we believe our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution to prevent their descendents from being ruled over by Elites, Kings, and Power Mongers like they lived under.  We believe “We the People” means you and I today, and that we do have certain rights that no politician has the right to take away from us.  Folks like the Tea Party people of last summer and the recent Massachusetts election voters need an ongoing voice to drive home the point to all sitting politicians that they work for us—and we are not stupid or asleep.  We have been busy working hard to stay afloat, but they have messed it up so badly we now have the second job of correcting them or sending them home and getting someone else that listens to us before it is too late.  We hope you will join us and others in using www.listenorleave.com/blog to make this change of course a reality. 

If you are like many Americans today, you want your concerns heard or seen by the folks you elected before they vote on the next Bills that will change your life forever.  So far it seems like they are assuming they know what we are thinking or are ignoring us and doing whatever they want anyway.  Plus we are learning that too often we are not told the truth about what a new Bill will actually do to us. 

 It is time to take away their excuses and hold them accountable for how they vote.  It is time to make them eat their assumption that we will all be “asleep” again by next November elections and make them get back to work for you now or know they need to start sending out their resumes. 

 If you have tried to email your Congressman or Senators, you know it takes a lot of time.  What you may not realize is that thousands of emails can be deleted at one time without ever looking at them.  And politicians know no one knows how many emails they did or did not receive from their constituents.  So there is a good chance that any high volumes of voter emails over hot issues are simply ignored. 

 The best way to stop this is to flood their offices with paper faxes on key issues before they vote.  Politicians know that phone calls and faxes mean their voters cared enough about an issue to invest their time to be heard and will probably be watching how they vote.   The politician’s rule of thumb is that each call represents about 300 voter’s opinion on any subject and a fax carries almost the same weight. 

 Here is how Listen Or Leave will help you track and hold the politicians you elect accountable to you. 

  • The blog keeps you informed on what is really going on with key new pending Legislation.
  • Log in and add your comments on key issues and read what others like you are saying.  This helps get a lot more people actively applying pressure on politicians before the next elections. 
  • Push a button to send a fax with your opinion to your Congressman and 2 Senators on issues that are important to you.  Add your comments if you want to personalize your concerns to them.
  • Check their voting records to see if you want to re-elect them.  Tell them you are watching them and  you have seen any of their votes you strongly disagreed with.
  • Access the content of pending legislation to verify for yourself what new Bills actually say. 
  • Have your friends or business associates join you in putting pressure on politicians on key issues.  We make if fast, easy and inexpensive to get involved and really get listened to. 

We hope you will join us in putting the heat on Washington DC and common sense back in US politics.