Senate to vote on $6 Trillion give-away Amnesty Bill next Friday. Call and tell your Senators to scrap their 1,100 page boondoggle and write a simple one with these items in it NOW.

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Do what is right instead of what polls say at the moment after $billions were spent trying to sell amnesty to voters.  Are we going to let both Parties in Congress tell us that if we let someone rob our store repeatedly, we have to give them keys to get in because it was our fault they broke the law?  This is how silly our Congress is really acting while they try to spin the facts to jam amnesty past voters like they did Obamacare.

 Secure the border before the bill is signed.  The Senate and House passed and funded building the fence 7 years ago that they are arguing about today as a bargaining chip for amnesty.  Demand they keep their word first before they are allowed to do anything else about our illegal immigration problem.  Put 20,000 troops or more Border Patrol agents in place and enforce our border now.

Seven years ago, during a previous immigration debate, Congress — including then-Sen. Barack Obama — voted overwhelmingly to build that much two-tier fencing along the 1,950-mile U.S.-Mexico border. But in 2007 Congress quietly backed off and gave the Bush administration the authority to cut the number of miles, and to scrap the two-tier fence.  Instead, the border now has 651 miles of barriers, and only 352 miles of that is an actual fence to keep pedestrians out. The other 299 miles are vehicle blockades that still allow wildlife, and people, to cross unhindered.  Read more:
Note that the Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate from January 3, 2007 to 2009 when building the fence was stopped and the money defunded.  Many of the same Senators are blocking building the fence and real immigration reform today.

Start enforcing our immigration laws again TODAY.  Neither the President nor Congress gets to ignore our existing laws until after they change them and answer to voters for their changes.

First—Fire anyone who refuses to enforce and obey our laws and replace them with someone who does their job and lives up to their oath of office.  Start by requiring the resignation of the Attorney General if he still refuses to do his job and override any order from the President allowing him to do so.

Second—Anyone caught illegally crossing our border gets immediately fingerprinted, recorded in a special e-verify file, deported and turned over to their government by our FEDERAL government as is our law.

Third—All illegal immigrants who got into the US in the past 5 years while our Federal government refused to enforce our laws are not eligible for green cards or anything else.  They and their families are to be deported as soon as they are detected along with all illegals with felony criminal records.  Illegals must prove they have been here for more than 5 years, and anyone who vouches for them is to be audited to ensure all proper taxes were paid.

 Complete building the fence within 2 years with 1/24 more required to be completed each month.  Al Qaeda, Hamas, and drug dealers have been documented to be crossing our border too.  Take the power away from both Parties to stall any longer and justify putting us in more danger by allowing any more illegals for any reason.  This is not about illegal immigrants’ children, it is about our children, and citizens like those blown up in the Boston bombing and on 9/11.

 Illegal immigrants who have been here more than 5 years without committing a felony will be considered in any special green card program and will go to the back of the line for getting citizenship.  First they have to register as an illegal alien within one year or lose all rights to a green card.  Second, they have to have a job, pay taxes, and not just be on our welfare or food stamp rolls.  Third they have to enrolled in the e-verify program and renew their green card every 3 years.  Commit a felony and they are deported.

These items take care of 80% of the real reform of our immigration laws.  Now that wasn’t so difficult after you take the politics out of the bill was it?  We voters have to remind the Senate and House that we get arrested and jailed if we break into Mexico or Canada and get caught.  We have the same right to our borders being protected and to demand that Congress and our President get back to doing it now.  Something is very wrong when they need 1,100 pages to do this.

Call your Senators today and demand they stop the planned $6 Trillion give-away in unfunded benefits by granting amnesty to illegals.  You can get their number by going to this website  Make sure they know that you will vote them out of office if they vote for the current or any other bill that grants amnesty first and “promises/requires” securing the border sometime in the future again.  Tell them to reduce the funded growth in government spending to fund this program—no more BS about having to shutdown airports or send people home like the sham they did with the sequester budget cuts —while they plan to pass a bill giving away another $6 Trillion.

Oh, and for all you Republicans afraid that stopping illegals will cost you elections, here are some facts dispelling the hype being sold by Democrats.  The real drive behind amnesty is that historically most Hispanics vote for Democrats—2 to 1.  Apparently many of our elected Republicans really are that dumb and too afraid of fabricated criticism to do the right thing and stop Democrats from doing the wrong thing to get more voters.

More than 9% of eligible voters nationwide are Latino. The majority support for Democratic candidates continues a pattern among Hispanic voters. In a December 2011, 67% of Hispanics said they were Democrats, and 20% said they were Republicans.[4]

In the 2010 midterm elections, 60% of Hispanics voted Democratic, while 38% voted Republican.[5] In 2008, 67% of Hispanics voted for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, while 31% of Hispanics voted for Republican presidential candidate John McCain.[6] In 2006, 69% of Latino voters supported Democratic candidates in congressional races, while 30% supported Republican candidates.

According to an October 2010 report by the Pew Hispanic Center, Hispanics rank education, jobs, and health care as their top three issues of concern. Immigration ranks as the fourth most important issue for all Latinos.[7]

And we are all fools if we think there are only 11 million illegals in the US today when there were 11,555,000 here in 2006 before the lack of border enforcement became a reality.  As of 2006,[7] the following data table shows a spread of distribution of locations where illegal immigrants reside by state and the rate of change was 515,000 more per year.  A more correct estimate of the number of illegals in the US today is 16 to 20 million, while the Democrats use the number 11 million—which is the same as were already here in 2006.  How can we trust either party?

We have to wake up fellow Americans and call our senators and Congressmen now before it is too late like it was with Obamacare.  I called mine and so did my wife.  Can’t you spare 5 minutes too?  You can get their number by going to this website