Here are just a few examples of decisions your gut needs make before this November so you only vote in people who think like you do before it is too late. 

DECISION NEEDED—Can you afford to have your electric bill and other energy costs double or triple because someone wants you to use less oil an no more  atomic energy?      VERSUS       Use some more of the 100,000 years worth of oil we have in the US while we expedite developing alternative energy that we can afford?

FACT—Many experts expect $7 a gallon gas prices in 2011 if the US does not demonstrate to the major oil suppliers that we are developing more of our oil and natural gas resources as fast as we can.  Many experts said gas prices dropped from $4 a gallon in 2009 back down to $2.70 because the suppliers became afraid we would expedite our own supply because the “Drill Baby Drill” yell was heard worldwide.  But as soon as the public outcry died down a little, did you really expect our politicians to cheer or help get gas to $7 a gallon because that would make windmills, solar power, ethanol and other so called “green sources” competitively priced with oil?  And if gas does rise to $7 a gallon, why does the government get the extra $4.40 a gallon legislated out of our wallets?

FACT—Many experts predict that home electricity and natural gas prices will double or triple in the near future if the “Cap and Trade” bill in Congress is passed this year.  President Obama openly stated that, under his plan, US energy costs will “necessarily skyrocket”.  Did you really vote to have your $300 electric bill rise to $900 a month in 2011, or did you miss that speech?  Will you vote this November to make this higher living cost a reality or to stop it by getting rid of all incumbents trying to pass bills that will take away our current way of life? 

QUESTION 1—Where will you get another $1,000 a month next year to pay for new costs increases mandated by new government laws taking control of our healthcare, oil, electricity and other energy supplies?  One answer is that if you are poor or not working, the government will take even more from those who do work so everyone has their “fair share” of gasoline and energy. 

QUESTION 2—Is this sudden cost disaster for middle class Americans really necessary to have the USA save the planet for everyone else, or is it a misguided obsession of some of our politicians who think this is necessary and “only fair” and that they are smarter than all of the rest of us?  PS, have you noticed that there are very few poor or middleclass politicians in Washington DC?


DECISION NEEDED Illegal immigrants need to obey our laws like we have to do     VERSUS     All “undocumented workers” need to be given amnesty because they are less fortunate than you are.

There are over 6 Billion people on the earth of which less than 5% live in the United States.  Most of the rest are either working hard to get to the USA or wish they could.  Who believes that 5% can financially support the other 95% or that the USA can cure the ills for everyone less fortunate because they were born in another country?  Look at your home.  Do you have the ability to support another 95 people in your house on your income and available resources?  If not, why then is this essentially what many current Democrat and Republican leaders are telling us we should do because it is “morally right”? 

Would you tell your family to let another 95 people get into the life raft you built to hold 5 because some politician said you were a bigot if you did not do as they told you to do?  As much as you would dislike it, you would not have your 5 die simply because the leaders of the other 95 failed to build any life rafts for their countries.  Amnesty for all is foolish, wrong, and already failed the first time in 1986.  Doesn’t amnesty smell like and attempt at “vote buying” and a political power grab being forced on US citizens under the false banner of whatever guilt trip they can get us to buy into?  This is so foolish, it really does not matter what the politicians’ real motives are or if they are just misguided–they must be stopped now. 

I don’t blame the Mexicans for wanting a better life than they have at home, but neither do we need to invite them and everyone else in the world to come take everything we have because they have less—and because our government isn’t enforcing our laws—while every other country is enforcing theirs.  We need to fire our “giveaway” politicians as our first order of public best interest over their private interests—whatever party they belong to. 

FACT—Many South American countries are a lot poorer than Mexico.  But if their citizens are caught entering Mexico illegally, they go to a Mexican prison.  US citizens have the equal right to protect their borders and way of life by at least sending illegals home.  In fact, protection of our borders is one of the prime responsibilities of our Federal government since 1777. 

FACT—Drug cartels have taken over at least one Federal wildlife preserve by armed force and our current Feds will not arrest or make them leave and local authorities have no jurisdiction over federal lands.  It is time to fire our leaders that refuse to enforce our laws on foreigners and corrupt politicians.   

FACT—The Feds are yelling foul that Arizona passed state laws that are like existing federal laws to prevent their state being further bankrupted by the cost of illegals or having their citizens killed by illegals while the Feds do nothing.  But at least 5 states had similar laws long before Arizona passed its new law. OUR federal government suing Arizona over their new law sounds alot like a federal ploy to make sure NO ONE enforces our immigration laws until they can get amnesty for all passed over the will of the American people.

FACT—Our President is being urged to give all illegals amnesty before the November elections by Presidential Decree (an Executive Order) if Congress refuses or fails to grant amnesty with a new bill by then.  Is your gut yelling “foul” yet?  Why should all illegals suddenly be eligible to vote before this November, and our way of passing laws that support the will of the people be ignored again as was done with ObamaCare? 

It is critical that all of us help wake up more Americans before this November

Right now about 30% of our elected Congress from both parties are so mesmerized by a grand plan they devised to finally achieve Woodrow Wilson’s Progressive goals, they are blind to the damage they are doing.  They are like the religious zealots in Jonestown, Guyana, Africa that drank the Kool-Aid laced with poison because their leader told them this would save the world from its ignorance and sins.  The People’s Temple did not start off as your average mind-controlling cult.  It initially gained much worldwide respect as an interracial mission for the sick, homeless and jobless. 

It is time for everyone who understands how our way of life is being destroyed before our very eyes to share what they know 1 on 1 with their friends and stop our growing US government “economic suicide” with their votes in November.  Start sending facts like those above to your friends.  Encourage them to join and form their own groups of voters to pass the word now and get everyone ready long before November.  Tell your Congressman and Senators what you think and how they should vote to represent you—or to start packing their bags and finding a new job.  Put simply, if they are not voting for you, they are voting to take away what you have–and telling you it good and only right that you have less than what you earned with your hard work.