Published government data shows that if we taxed every American 100% of what they earn, Washington DC would still be spending more today than they took from us.  So it doesn’t take a genius or an expert to see that neither Party is promoting a real plan to stop spending more than we make.  Instead they are practicing the fine art of Divide and Conquer by creating Class Warfare issues to keep us looking at the latest “bright shiny thing” in the news they create, instead of the real facts and solutions. 

Time to wake up America!  When most of our houses are on fire is not the time to stand around arguing over political parties or over unions, religions, sexual preferences, or what is fair to the poor or the planet—and hoping the fire department (Big Government) shows up before everything is lost.  This country was built by people who did things for themselves and only people like that can save it from being made to fail by the Progressives and Socialists that say we must fall to atone for our sins and be better citizens of Mother Earth—and from the 43% who pay no taxes and will “fight” to keep it that way.  So it is vital that we step back and listen to and trust our own Common Sense instead of being distracted by or arguing over the latest sound bites from politicians in both Parties while our lives are destroyed more every day. 

Let’s face some basic Truths and agree to start working together wherever possible to get out of this mess first, and work on the things we still disagree about a little later.  Here are some key issues that all US voters who pay taxes should be able to agree on today—followed by a few rather simple solutions that many career politicians will continue to fight to keep from happening till they are kicked out of office. 

TRUTH 1: It took 200 years to get to $7 trillion in debt, but only the last 7 years to get to $14 trillion in debt—and they want more.  Most of our lives are worst today than they were in 2004, so the extra $7 trillion in government overspending did not help anyone who is working for a living and paying taxes, or help our children.  There is no good reason to keep giving politicians more and more of what we earn for almost nothing in return.  It is time to accept that spending our taxes is their “drug addiction” and they are not going to cure themselves.  We need a Parent Voter Intervention. 

TRUTH 2: It is simply dumb to willingly agree to finish destroying our economy in the next four years because we are told we can’t be trusted to do the right thing for the planet or the poor over the next 20 years.  We have to stop becoming so hung up on Social Engineering IDEALS/ Guilt Trips OR special interests fairy tales being sold to us every day.  Instead, we have to stop trusting politicians to do what they promised or that they know better than we do what is best for us and our children.  Our parents and grandparents were not stupid, they just had better elected public servants than we do. 

TRUTH 3: The only CHANGE in Washington DC is the creation of new sound bites we have not figured out yet that will still result in raising everyone’s taxes as much as possible.  The only HOPE in Washington DC is by career politicians in both parties who hope more of the American public does not wake up, stop fighting among themselves, and kick more of them out like the Tea Party did in 2010.  

TRUTH 4: Actual American history contains the answers on how to quickly get out of this mess and records how our politicians, not ordinary citizens, are making big mistakes AGAIN that are creating more poor people and abusing the planet and other countries.  That is why our politicians work so hard to discredit outspoken seniors who actually lived or were taught that history and anyone else who tries to correct DC’s misleading sound bites. 

TRUTH 5: Our Founding Fathers came to America to escape the Big Central Government of Kings, Parliaments, and Elite Power/Money Brokers and wrote our Constitution to keep their children and future generations from ever having to escape it too.  Our politicians know they can not continue to increase their power and a bigger “Nanny State” without ignoring our laws and our Constitution.  So every time we let them ignore our Immigration laws, make a tax cheat our Secretary of the Treasury, let them put us in jail but only censure Congressmen like Charlie Rangel, we are telling them we will let them get away with the next law they want to break too.  

TRUTH 6: When so many of our politicians and organized groups tell us they are Socialists that want to tear down America as we know it and have our children live in Marxism, it is no longer some whacky conspiracy theory—it is time to believe them and stop them before it is too late.  Many truly believe they are right and we are just too dumb or greedy to see what they can see.  Ironically, the majority of their leaders are so rich that the only thing that can limit their success is if “We the People” refuse to pay even more taxes to keep their sinking ship afloat.  Rather than listen to or argue over all the latest hype on why Socialism is okay, try finding a few successful socialist societies in history that lasted as long as our country has.  Utopia is still for fiction novels and wishful dreamers.   

TRUTH 7: World history is jam packed with examples of why Socialism is so appealing, especially to the “have not’s” and “work not’s” and inexperienced young people, but always fails because it violates basic human nature.  Most Americans over 45 know it resulted in destroying the middle class in Russia and established a government where the ruling elite of the privileged few controlled the masses—until they bankrupted the USSR.  The official poverty level in the US is higher than most of the middle class lifestyles in Europe.  Why on earth would we want to install Marxism because our politicians say it is the only “fair” thing to do?  Based on the repeating poll data, about 35% of Americans have been duped into believing what they are told by their leaders fighting to become our ruling elites.  Reality is that every American paying taxes is seen as being “rich” by the 43% not paying taxes, and most of them do not want to put in the work we did to become successful—until they are forced to.  Millions did not starve to death or eat rotten dog food when Welfare was reformed under President Clinton. 

We are in this mess because we have been bombarded for 40 years with half truths and anything else we would believe to let our politicians buy more votes—to the point that most of us will agree with at least one of their tried and true guilt trips to keep us quiet and in line.  So don’t be surprised if one or more of the following solutions creates and involuntary “knee jerk” of disagreement until you read the whole idea and think about it.  Then you need to become part of the solution by doing something other than complain and feel helpless.  It is time to help wake up and educate the rest of America on the difference between utopia and idealism and what is really required to protect their standard of living, opportunity to do better, and individual freedoms! 

After 2 years of faith and hope, your gut knows that everything is not alright or under control like Washington DC keeps telling us.  Our economic down spiral demands that we delay some of the key socials IDEALS and GOALS until we are back on our feet, but work on and fund real solutions with the urgency we had to put a man on the moon. 

SOLUTION 1: Cutting $38 billion from the Federal budget is a political hoax and fixes nothingStart by cutting all government spending back to 2006 levels for every department instead of arguing over what or who to cut.  If 2006 levels were higher than 2011, then set that department at 2011 levels.  That will save $1.4 Trillion in 2012 spending, restore our AAA credit rating and still support our military and social programs.  Then do pilot programs in 2012 to cut out fraud and reduce medical costs to lower the cost of Medicare, and fix Social Security.  Educate the public on what worked and drop the failures instead of making them nationwide trials of the latest bright idea that never goes away once the freebies start.  This would defund Obamacare until proper studies are done and stop future government bailouts of Wall Street and mismanaged companies and unions.  Don’t buy the latest fear hype—we were fine on 2006 spending.  Political corruption and special interests created the 2008 economy crisis—not failed capitalism.  It is impending economic suicide to just print more money or to not audit or actually control the Federal Reserve, or agree to be taxed whatever politicians want to continue buying votes.   

SOLUTION 2: Refusing to take proper advantage of our oil, coal, and atomic resources is like starving to death because planting crops depletes the soilCost effective new “green energy” is 20 years away.  It is ignorant to watch China and fund Brazil to drill off our coastline while our economy goes down the tube and we send $450 billion a year to terrorist breeding Middle East countries—at new losses in US jobs.  Energy and oil costs control our overall economy more than the current loss of jobs since 2008.  We have the brains and the means to do it right and safely just as we made space travel a reality that man only dreamed of doing someday.  The more our government continues to shut down our energy production supposedly for the environment, the more they shut down our economy and bankrupt our middle class.  Gas prices going to $7 a gallon rips over $600 a month out of the pockets of most US families.  Most everything we buy is made with some plastic from oil, 45% of our electricity comes from coal and 20% from atomic energy (hybrid cars run on electricity), higher transportation costs significantly raises the price of food and everything delivered to stores, and higher US costs means fewer US jobs.  We must open capped wells and build as many new ones as possible and a new refinery as an emergency priority.  We must drastically cut back rather than expand ethanol so more corn is used to feed starving people and lower our food prices.  Doesn’t it strike you odd that China, India and all of Europe are fighting for all the oil they can find while we are destroying our economy on the theory the US is destroying the ozone layer?  If the French can safely provide 70% of their electricity from atomic power for over 30 years, so can the US. 

SOLUTION 3: We have been digging a loss of jobs pit for 30 years with taxes that send jobs overseas, regulations that crush small and large businesses, and degrading our children’s education so fewer can do more technical or higher level jobs.  The real question today is what jobs will our people do if most of what America produces is high tech or disappearing small businesses and manufacturers?  Some of our brightest economists (not politicians) have said for years that we should pass the Fair Tax as soon as possible; as it will create a US job boom that has not been seen since WWII with the influx of foreign manufacturing due to our lower corporate and no VAT taxes they pay in Europe.  The conservative estimate is 15 million new jobs within 2 years.  The Fair Tax bill has been carefully written to protect the poor, make the rich, illegals, and even drug dealers have to pay their fair share of taxes, while removing all the political in-fighting over raising taxes.  Forget the negative hype by politicians that do not want to give up control over your money and read the short pamphlet or book on the details or Google it.  It is not rocket science or a trick to hurt the poor. 

SOLUTION 4: We need elected public servants, not career politicians that have been corrupted over time.  We need another 100 new Congressmen and 15 new Senators in 2012 who know they will be kicked out too if they do not keep their campaign promises.  We need a new President if Obama continues to ignore the American majority like the House and Senate and he did before 2010.  They all have to promise to pass Term Limits, balance the budget, and to enforce our laws and Constitution to get elected.  This includes enforcing Amendment X that limits the power of all of the Federal Government and start requiring all new expenditures and bills to verify where the Constitution says they have the power instead of the States to control that item.  This will break the cycle of corruption and take away the power that makes them feel like we work for them.  It is time to hold them to their oath of office to “Preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  It is still the right of the people to install new government if they are not serving the public who elected them. 

It is simply time for tax paying voters to force our elected officials to serve rather than control us through our economy and loss of freedom.  We are a successful, loving nation that is being destroyed with half truths and lies to cover up powerful organizations and politicians trying to hold on to and divvy up our hard earned money.  They have duped most of the 43% who pay no taxes into believing taxing the rich more will preserve their freebees forever, so they most vote for them instead of the evil capitalists. 

Proven Economics 101.  Under Socialism: Means of production are owned or controlled by the government—who essentially dole out jobs and money to those they deem are worthy.  Capitalism: Means of production and distribution of goods are owned by individuals and corporations—who earn whatever they get and determine how high they can go for themselves.  Which system do you want your grandchildren to inherit from you?  Now is the time to act before the current politicians finish taking this decision out of your hands.  Make them answerable to the voters again, or send them home in 2012 and get new ones elected who will.