So far, all Immigration Bills in the House and Senate have one thing in commongiving amnesty to all illegal aliens in the US today, but no meaningful reform to prevent future problems. 

You would think that it should be obvious that:

  • First, they are illegal aliens, not unfortunate immigrantsIllegal means they broke our laws.  Immigrant means they came here as allowed by our laws.  Our politicians are simply trying to redefine words to try to sway the public to ignore the truth.  If US citizens break laws, we get the penalty for our crime including  going to jail—even if we are poor, uneducated, sick, or underprivileged.  The same should apply to all illegals who have broken our laws.   
  • We did this in 1986 and legalized 3 million illegals with our politicians’ promise that this fixed the problem once and for all.  Can’t our Congress learn from their past mistakes?  Amnesty with no real reform already encouraged another 10 to 20 million more illegals to sneak in to the US. 
  • We can not afford 100 million more immigrants because of another amnesty.  Nobody really knows how many illegal aliens we actually have in the US today.    Depending who is doing the study, the estimates range from 12 million to 25 million.  Most bills include allowing them to legally bring in their family members back home in a few years too—at just 4 more that quickly becomes 100 million immigrants or 1/3 of the entire US population today
  • Most bills would make them all legal with minimal or easily forged background checks.  One proposed bill would have only allowed 3 days for the background check, or they were automatically approved.  Many current estimates say 1 to 2 million crooks with serious felonies are already here and over 9,000 US citizens are killed by illegal aliens every year.  The first step in any bill should be to make all illegals step forward to even have any hope of being legalized in the future.  Few crooks are going to step forward.  And if the “good” ones don’t, well that is an immediate lesson that our laws are not to be broken just like the laws where they came from. 

 Congress has spent over 4 years trying to “sneak” amnesty past American citizens that have repeatedly opposed it in all polls by 67% to 75%.  Thanks to organizations like NumbersUSA, thousands of emails, letters and phone calls have been sent to key politicians before each crucial vote as proof actual citizens who vote were still awake on this issue.  Senator McCain turned off many of his supporters by cosponsoring a bill to give amnesty to all illegals.  After he repeatedly bombed in the polls over the issue, he finally “changed” his mind and stated that amnesty for all illegals is not the right for America.   So why are so many other politicians, especially Democrats, still pushing so hard for across the board amnesty?

 When voters applied the “heat” over stopping illegal entry into the US as part of stopping terrorists, Congress passed and the President signed a bill to build a fence across our southern border on October 4, 2006 that included $1.2 Billion for initial construction.  Per the Washington Times, “Eight Democratic senators who supported the bill  switched their position from the previous day, when they voted to block the fence. They are Sens. Barbara Boxer of California, Thomas Carper of Delaware, Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut, Tom Harkin of Iowa, Herb Kohl of Wisconsin, Barack Obama of Illinois and Charles E. Schumer of New York.”  The bill passed the Senate with an 80 to 19 vote.  Then on May 9, 2009 we learned ” President Barack Obama’s budget blueprint Thursday canceled plans to extend the border fence along the U.S.-Mexico border beyond the 670 miles already completed or planned.   Three years later, it is still stalled and not completed—even though it is now required by law to be done.  According to the Department of Homeland Security website in December 2009 ” Section 102 of the Secure Fence Act requires the Department of Homeland Security to construct – in the most expeditious manner possible – the infrastructure necessary to deter and prevent illegal entry on our Southwest Border, including pedestrian and vehicle fencing, roads, and technology.  Gaining effective control of our nation’s borders is a critical element of national security.”   Their map of how much fencing is still not completed is on their website. 

How long does Congress expect the American people to put up with this nonsense of not enforcing even the new laws they passed to build a fence?  Just like many Congressmen said they didn’t have to worry about the “Tea Parties” because the voters would forget all about it by November 2010, illegal immigration laws and avoiding the fence are apparently something else they still think they can pass in the middle of the night while the  American voters are not looking.  Next time we will report on why certain politicians are working so hard to legalize aliens who obviously do not care they are breaking our laws, are taking American jobs, cost us over $1 Trillion dollars a year,  and 75% of Americans do not want given amnesty.  FAX YOUR POSITION ON THIS KEY LEGISLATION TODAY.  They need to be constantly reminded that the voters are watching them on this issue.